how do u downlowd a picture cause in tying to cange it to elsa of krisstoff and anna.

 pootie04 posted een jaar geleden
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pinkydoll said:
It may be browsing not downloading cause when we are trying to change our icoon we need to browse.
so here's the steps
1On your profiel page go to your afbeeldingen and then you'll see ''Upload new photo''
2 After clicking on ''upload new photo'' click on browse and select any picture from your computer and after doing that you'll see an option ''make this image my user icon'' select that and tadaa your icoon has been changed.
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posted een jaar geleden 
jennipop22 said:
1. Right-click your muis on the photo.
2. Look at the 'Save Image As' button
3. Click on it.
4. Name the image
5. The image will then be downloaded onto your computer.
*Does not work on smartphones
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posted een jaar geleden 
Themitz said:
uploaden the desired foto to your device
Go to photos
Click uploaden photos
uploaden your photo
Underneath it should have a box that says use as user foto (or something?)
Check the box
Press ok

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posted een jaar geleden 
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