Full House FULL HOUSE *FOREVER-LYRICS*!! Vicky.Vardhan

Vicky-Vardhan posted on Mar 16, 2009 at 05:53PM
If every word I said, Could make you laugh, I'd talk forever,
I asked the sky just what we had, Could make you laugh,
It showed forever,
If the song I sing to you,
Could fill your heart with joy,
Could make you laugh,
I'd sing forever.
I've bean so happy loving you Forever..!
Full House always in my Heart Forever.! <3 <3 <3 <3
-Vicky.Vardhan (*-*)
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een jaar geleden Legend-gus said…
Hai i like the lyrics i was searching for those lyrics thanks buddy & i like uncle jessy who sing forever.!
een jaar geleden Bluebird-love said…
Awesome... Dude:-) i also like forever song its really cool touch to every persön who love full house.:-)
een jaar geleden Princess-j said…
Forever Bonne, But i like the title song Everywhere you look, Everywhere you go....!:-)
een jaar geleden 22_445 said…
My fav full house song!aww..thanks for posting!
een jaar geleden Queen-Hilary said…
WoW I was forgot forever lyrics thank you so much, for Remind me.!
een jaar geleden Legend-priya said…
Wöw Thank you so much.! I Like Everything about Full-house.!
een jaar geleden Vicky-Vardhan said…
Thanks 2 all öf yöu friends.! (*-*)