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LinkKinuzuma13 posted on Jun 04, 2011 at 05:43AM
Okay. It starts off, from where Brotherhood ends, with the picture of Ed and Winry with their kid, and Al & Mei who are grown up. This all takes place after the initial conflict of Ed and Father. When Ed and Winry have their first child, they name him Mason(thats' me :D)after their brother who is away studying. Pop!

So Here are the rules;
1.No more then three characters per user
2.No killing a character without the owners consent or approval
3.Have Fun! ;P

Okay, next is the format for char posts and stories.




Age became a state Alchemist:

Do they have auto-mail: (Yes/No)

Hair color:
Eye color:

Types of alchemy mastered: (Up to 3)


Back-story(a.k.a. their life before the events in the RP):

Next is the story format;

There's no specific way you have to do this.

Okay! That wraps up the intro to the new forum, and have fun on it!
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---- (lol)

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een jaar geleden LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Name: Mason Elric

Age: 16

Birthday: September 17th

Age became a state alchemist: 6

Do they have auto-mail: Yes, when he was four, he wandered into the woods, and was attacked by a wolf, and his right arm was torn off, as well as part of his chest. (How did he even live all the way through the attack? I DON'T KNOW!)

Hair color: Gold/Blond
Eye color: Gold
Height: 5'4'
Weight: 105 lbs

Types of Alchemy Mastered: Lightning, Blade/sword/ect...

Personality: He is kind and gentle, but is also very protective. He was always a timid child, but as he grew, he became a lot more daring and rebellious. He has one younger sister named Colline, and she looks up to him as if he were her own father. When he was 6, he and Ed were on a trip to central, when Mason ran off. Ed then found him in the hall for testing, in which he passed. Afterwards, he told his father that he'd secretly been reading his alchemy books from the old library. He stayed home until he was 10, and then left on missions, and came three times a year to visit; once for Christmas, once for Colline's spring break, and another to get his auto-mail changed yearly. His auto-mail is just like his uncle Mason's, including the extremely hard to find Enchanted gold grill part(the part on top of the fore-arm) And then one year, Mason didn't come home for spring break, and They've been wondering where he is, and while he hasn't come back yet, he is safe and sound in central, on leave from an enormous mission from Xing. He is currently traveling home. He is also nicknamed the Lightning-Blade Alchemist after his uncle, who is no longer able to use alchemy, and because of the alchemy he has mastered.
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 Name: Mason Elric Age: 16 Birthday: September 17th Age became a state alchemist: 6 Do they have a
een jaar geleden Dearheart said…
I'd totally join in...if I had time to devote to role-playing. T__T Sorry! I hope you find some good players, though! And have fun!
een jaar geleden LinkKinuzuma13 said…
big smile
Lol, it's okay. And yeah, i hope i find some fair and good players who don't overpower their characters. Happy Alchemizing-er-ish... Have a nice day!! :)
een jaar geleden pumpkinqueen said…
Name: Emily White

Do they have auto-mail: Yes, her left leg (up to her knee) is auto-mail. She lost it in the car crash that killed her parents.

Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5'3
Weight: 95 lbs

Types of alchemy mastered: Ice and Fire

Personality: She sweet and kind to everyone, even people who probably don't deserve it. She can be shy, but she's not afraid to stand up to people. She's deathy afraid of water, since when she was 5 years old she saw her 8 year old brother Allen drown in a river accident. She believes there is good inside everyone and she doesn't like killing anything, that's why she's a Vegetarian.

Back-story: Her older brother Joey, took the death of his brother very hard and never was the same after that day. When Emily was only 6 years old he left and never come back. That day they all got in the car and went out looking for him. Her father never saw that train coming, when he did it was to late. That day not only did see lose her parents and her brother, she lost her leg and her sister lost both of her arms. Molly and Emily were split up and took away from each other. Emily was sent to a horrible foster family who hardly even fed her. Finally when she was 8 years old, Emily ran away looking after herself and teaching herself how to use alchemey. Now 16, she still doesn't know where her little sister or her older brother are, but someday she said she would find them and they will be together once again.

Their Ages:

Joey: 19
Emily: 16
Allen: 8 (R.I.P)
Molly: 12
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 Name: Emily White Do they have auto-mail: Yes, her left leg (up to her knee) is auto-mail. She los
een jaar geleden LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Nice. it's sad what happened to her family though. BTW, Mason is 16.
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een jaar geleden pumpkinqueen said…
A blast fires through the forget "Shoot!" Emily cries out. "I was sure I could do it this time." She puts a strang ring onto her finger. Soon a fire ball forms in her hand. "Why can't I use my fire alchemy without this stupid ring? All I can do is shoot freakin ice at people, how am I going to find them if all I can do is make snow?" She flops on the ground and pulls out a locket showing a smiling family. She touches the face of a young blonde haired boy with eyes almost as green as a frog "Allen...I'm sorry...I..wish...I wish there was some way I could have saved you....I wish...I wish I could bring you back." Tears start falling down her face "Molly...Joey....we'll be together someday...I promise...are family isn't going to be apart forever." She closes the locket and puts it in her pocket. Emily hears a stick snap. "Who's there!?" She jumps up and starts stairing into the trees. "I said, who's there!?" She hears another stick snap and the sound of foot steps. Emily shoots a fire ball into the forest. "Show yourself, you chicken!!"

_ _ _

Done! :)
een jaar geleden LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Mason kept on running. It wasn't every day you ran into a giant chimera. He had eluded it so far, but he was well aware that any sound he made would be heard by the viscous creature. He was still running, when he saw a light ahead. "Yes! Out of the for-" He stopped himself as he realized what it was. He ducked just in time to evade the fireball. While he was regaining his balance, the ground started to shake. He took a sidelong glance behind him, and saw the chimers bursting through a bush just behind him. Mason began the chase again, and soon, was about to give up. But not before he burst into someones campsite. He was surprised to find the ground dip beneath his feet, and fell flat on his face. He looked up, and saw a young girl, who was his age, staring at him angrily.

"What are-" she was cut off as Mason grabbed her and shoved her into a bush. "Hey! What was that for?" she shouted at him.

Mason rounded on her and held her head down. "What are you doing?!" She hissed.

"Protecting you!" Mason whispered back. He raised his head over the bush as the giant chimera burst into the clearing. Mason froze, but the girl underneath him continued to squirm. "Stop! It'll hear us!" Mason said through gritted teeth.

"What will hear us!?" She shouted back. Mason cursed as the chimera found him, and began to advance. He slowly reached up to where his enchanted sword was hanging on his back. He drew the sword as slowly as possible, and stood up. The chimera was almost nose to face with him, when it stopped moving. Mason whispered to the girl to run, and she stood, but didn't go anywhere.

Mason: "Run!" he yowled as the chimera charged at him. He threw the sword up into the air, and clapped his hands together to spark the reaction he'd been waiting to use. His whole body was sparking with electricity, and time seemed to slow down. He looked up and saw the sword falling through the air, and then caught it. When he did, lightning coursed through the blade as well. He turned toward the chimera and blocked one of it's large tusks with his blade. He slid backward as the beast increased the pressure. He growled and pushed back, hoping to buy time for the girl to get away. Just as he was about to be knocked back, two icicles flew into the beasts massive eyes. It yowled in pain, and reared on it's hind legs. Mason looked behind him, and saw that the girl was still there. "I thought i told you to run!" He shouted at her. "It's too dangerous here!" But she just glared at him, and then anger changed to fear as the beast charged again. But this time, Mason wasn't ready. He turned and was surprised to see one of the beasts hooves bearing down on him. He tried to dodge, but he wasn't fast enough, and the very,very large hoof hit him in the shoulder, which made a sickening crunch. He bit back a cry of pain, and plunged the blade into the creatures side as it was running, so it would slice it. It peirced down to the hilt, and he stood as the blade move through the flesh with ease. He pulled it out when the creature came to a stop, and moved so it wouldn't fall on him. But, just as it was about to fall over, it spun around and, in a final effort to kill Mason, swiped it's bladed tail, slicing open Masons back. The chimera then fell to the ground, dead, and Mason fell to the ground exhausted from loss of energy.


I liked your first post. It kind of set the stag for Mason to come in.
een jaar geleden onix11 said…
Name: Daniel Wells

Age: 17

Height: 5'9

Weight: 176

Hair: Spikey and brown

Eyes: light brown

Alchemy: He has the power to reconstruct and deconstruct through his arms through special tatoos he has on his arms. His left arm is used to reconstruct and his right to deconstruct. He is able to change the composition of an objects atoms and its physical attributes. He can not turn fire into water though.

Description: His life has been an up and down experience for him. His father was an alchemist who didn't care much for the military. He trained Daniel how to fight and how to use basics of alchemy. When he was 13 his father and mother were brutaly murdered by multiple assains who had the power of some strange alchemy that when used was a blood red like color. His father killed a few before losing his life. In the after math daniel looked upon the bodies of his mother and father. In anger he marked himself with the same tatoos as his father did using a special ink created by his dad and certain tatoo markings that his dad mad through major studies of alchemy. He is now traveling, searching for his parents killers. He where's a short sleeve white t-shirt, with black pants and black shoes. His smile glints every once in a while because he haw very white teeth.
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een jaar geleden LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Kool, thx for joining.
een jaar geleden onix11 said…
Daniel is seen walking through the woods, he looks tired as though he is about to pass out when he sees something big moving through the woods. He chases after it, seeing that there is a large trail that the creature left. As he continued along the trail he heard what sounded like a fight. When he arrives to the scene, he sees that the fighting is over and a large beast is lying dead with a large cut in its side. Daniel also sees someone lying face down with a large wound on his back. He also sees a girl standing next to him.

Daniel: Daniel walks over only to have a fire ball shot at him. He doges to the left and quickly goes to her and grabs her wrist. "I'm not here to hurt you. I just want to know what happened."

Emily: She begins to lower her guard. "My name is Emily, he was hurt fighting that creature and protecting me. His wound is deep and if he keeps bleeding like this he will die."

Daniel: He looks over the body and then looks back at her. "I think i can do this but i will need you help." She she nods her head. Daniel puts his right hand on the and it begins to glow. "Now heat up the wound with your fire, we need to kill the bacteria in the wound." She does this and then something in the wound glows and it then it begins to seep out. He then quickly puts his left hand on the wound and it begins to seal. He then looks at Emily. "Does he have any more wounds?"

Emily: She quickly thinks for a second. "His shoulder, the creature landed one of his hooves on it. I think it may be broke."

Daniel: Daniel thinks. "Damn, this is going to be hard. If i can'ts see what bones are broke i can't reatach them. And even if i feel and see, they may not connect correctly." He looks at Emily. "There is only one way i'll be able to fix it. I'll have to make a cut to get acces to his shoulder. But i won't do that until he is concious. Besides the wound is not fatal." He sits back and waits for the person to awake. "By the way, my name is Daniel. Sorry for the informal cicumstances for us to meet."

There, i hope i didn't mess with anything.
een jaar geleden pumpkinqueen said…
Emily smiles at Daniel "It's fine, I'm actually glad you're here. I wouldn't have been able to save him myself and I really don't want another death on my han-I mean.....I really don't want to see people die."

Daniel stairs at Emily with suspicion, but he finally asks "How long have you been staying out here and how long have you been by yourself"

Emily starts counting on her finger and finally holds up eight of them. "About eight years now."

Daniel couldn't stop his mouth from dropping open "And how old are you!?"

Emily: "I'm 16, but I'm going to be turning 17 in October"

Daniel: "16!? That...That means you started leaving alone when you where eight years old!?"

Emily: she nods "That's right, I've been taking care of myself for a long time now" Emily raises her eyebrows "Why do you care?"

Daniel: "It just doesn't sound safe for a girl to be staying in the forget by herself."

Emily glares at him "Oh so just because I'm a girl, that makes me weak!?!?" frost starts forming around her hand.

Daniel panics "No, No!! That's not what I meant!! I-I just meant that...that maybe you should move in with a family member or a house or something!"

Emily eye's empty of angry and start to fell with sadness "I don't have a family, that's why I live alone. My parents died when I was only 6 and my brother died when I was only 5." Emily's minds begins to race, trying to decide if she trusts this boy enough to tell him about her older brother and little sister. She shakes it off and tells herself that's it's best not to tell him.

Daniel: "Oh...I...dang...I'm sorry, I didn't know. So...you're all alone?"

Emily shrugs "Pretty much, doesn't really bother me" big fat lie she tells herself.

_ _ _

Done :)
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een jaar geleden LinkKinuzuma13 said…
big smile
Mason slowly opened his eyes, wondering where he was. He looked around, and saw a girl his age, and another guy who looked to be one year older than him. He slowly sat up, and pain instantly coursed up his spine.

"Gah!" Mason yelped in surprise. He tried to move his left arm to hold his back, but it hung limply at his side. He looked questioningly at the girl, and then at the boy by his side. His eyes widened as Mason remembered what had happened. "I've really gotta be more careful..." Mason whispered to himself.

Daniel: "Damn right ya do. My names Daniel."

Mason looked over at the girl. "I'm Emily"

Mason looked in between the flaps of his coat, and saw that he was bandaged. He sighed and looked over at the dead body of the chimera. He tried to stand up, but Daniel held him down.

Daniel: "Hold on. I still have to fix your shoulder. And by the way, Whats your name?"

Mason: "My names Mason Elric.Do you know healing alchemy?"

Daniel just shrugged. "I know enough to fix that shoulder of yours."

Mason nodded and relaxed as Daniel made the cut.

Mason felt a little awkward as he sat there, and tried to make conversation. "So," he said turning to Emily, "how long have you been out here by yourself?"

Emily just shrugged. "It'll be nine years in October."

Masons jaw dropped. "N-nine years!?!?" Emily just nodded. Mason flinched as Daniel jerked something into place.

Daniel looked up apologetically. "Sorry. It looks like it'll be hard to fix. You might even have to have it amputated, if it can't be fixed right."

Mason just smiled. "Is that right? Well no big deal." Daniel looked at him in surprise, as did Emily. They both shot glances at each other, and then they started scolding him.

Emily: "You're acting like it's completely normal for people to lose limbs!"

Daniel nodded his head as he continued to work. "She's right. You can't just dismiss this all as nothing." Mason sighed.

"I'm not dismissing it. It's just that it could be worse." Daniel and Emily both looked at each other, and then back at Mason.

"How?" They both asked him in unison. Mason chuckled.

"Well," He said, lightly lifting up his right sleeve, and pulling down his shirt collar. ",I could be that little boy that got mauled by wolves twelve years ago." Mason said sarcastically. "OH! Wait a minute! I WAS that little boy."

They just stared at him, in complete and utter shock. Mason went on.

"It's a good thing my mom's an auto-mail engineer. Otherwise I wouldn't be alive right now." Mason said slowly, thinking about that horrible night. Just the thought about those pointed teeth ripping into his flesh, made him shudder. "So, i see your leg is automail." He said turning to Emily. She looked up at him, and nodded.

"I lost my leg in the crash that killed my parents. Our car got hit by a train." Mason's jaw dropped again, and h struggled to close his mouth and swallow before replying.

"Well," Mason paused and scratched his head. "I'm sorry about that." Emily looked at him, and smiled.

"Don't be. It's not like it was your fault."

Daniel pulled out some cloth from his pack, and began making a sling. He fiddled with it for a minute or so, before finally tieing it off around his neck. Mason stood up, and put his cloak on, putting the left sleeve over his shoulder, and then grabbed his sword. He slung it over his back, and started to make his way out of the woods. Mason suddenly turned around, and Smiled.

"Thanks, you two."

een jaar geleden onix11 said…
Daniel got up quickly. "Your not honestly going to go out by yourself in that condition? Your arm is barely usable and your stomach will have bruising."

Mason: "I have to be going. I can't stay in one place for to long. Ecspecially the woods." Mason begins to walk.

Daniel: He gets beside Mason and grabs his good shoulder. "Are you sure you won't rest for a bit?" He has slight concern on his face.

Mason: He looks at Daniel and nods. "Trust me, I'll be fine. It's just a flesh wound." He shrugs daniels hand off and just smiles. "You don't have to worry."

Daniel: He thinks for a moment. "At least allow me to come with you." Mason looks at him again with confusion. "I'm just wandering around myself. Maybe where you are going is where i can find what i'm looking for." Before Daniel continues he looks over at Emily. "And if you accept my request, I would also like to ask Emily to tag along as well."

Emily: She looks up with surprise. "What?"

Daniel: He looks at bothe of them back and forth. "So, what do you guys say to a traveling trio?"
een jaar geleden pumpkinqueen said…
Emily: "You....you mean you're asking me to go with you?"

Daniel: "Yeah, if you want to." Daniel stairs at her, hoping she'll agree.

Emily bites her lip "I don't know...I'll have to think about it. Can come back tomorrow? I'll have my answer by then."

Daniel nods: "Sure, I'll came back for you tomorrow" he smirks giving Emily a small punch on the shoulder "And don't think about running off, I have a nose like a hound and I'll track you down."

Emily laughes: "Don't worry, I want run off. Meet me back here around noun tomorrow and I'll give you my answer."

Danial nods, then turn to Mason for his answer "Well, what about you? Are you in?"

Mason sighs "Sure, why not. You can come along if you'd like."

As Mason and Daniel leave Emily's camp site, she walks into her tent and pulls out her locket again. She looks at the man wearing a tight black shirt and jeans with hair that almost looks like a palm tree. Then her eyes fall apon the woman who looks like an older verson of herself. "Mom...Dad...I...I don't know what do to. Should I go with them? Maybe they could help me find Joey and Molly...I mean...I've been looking for them for almost 9 years now...there is no way I'll be able to find them without help." She sighes, then crawls into her sleeping bag. "I've made up my mind, I'm finding Joey and Molly even if it kills me. I won't let our family be apart forever....Joey...Molly...don't worry...I'll do what ever it takes to find you." Emily closes her eyes and falls to sleep.

In the morning, she will give her final answer

_ _ _

Done!! :3
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een jaar geleden LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Mason walked out of the woods, and sighed. It would actually be kind of nice to travel with people instead of just being alone all the time. He looked around and saw nothing but grass. Mason relaxed, and sat down for a minute. He kept thinking about how he would tell them that he needed to have his arm amputated. He shook it off, and got up, to walk home. He was actually quite surprised at hoe close he was to his home. He hadn't even realized it until then how close the forest was to his parents home. He wandered up to the front door and knocked. He waited for a few painful seconds, and then the door opened to reveal the grease stained face of his mother. She looked as tired as Mason remembered her to be, but when she recognized him, her eyes were full of life.

Winry: "Mason! You're home!" She said while throwing her arms around him. She quickly took him inside, and sat him down at the table. She dissapeared for a few seconds, and then reappeared with Masons father, Edward. They all sat and talked for hours, before Mason finally brought up the subject of new automail.

Winry: "Well then, I can make on for you."

Mason looked up in surprise. "I expected you to take that a lot differently."

His mom laughed. "Well, I get to do my favorite - well second favorite - job even more now."

Mason laughed. "Well then have a it."

4 hours later...

Mason was very anxious to get this over with. He was waiting for his mom to come back in with the amputator, and get the procedure started for his new arm, and his new right arm as well. She walked in all of a sudden, and sat down, with the amputator.

"You ready?" She asked bluntly.

Mason nodded. "Just do it."

Sh nodded, and hit the switch. The blade dropped down, and sunk into his shoulder. He felt it go all the way through, but didn't even flinch. Winry quickly grabbed three rolls of cloth, and wrapped them around his shoulder. Then she left the room to go and get the two new arms. Mason sat, and looked at the ceiling. When his mother cam back in, the procedure began. She slowly connected the nerves, while Mason thrashed around in extreme pain. He was immidiatley reminded of when he was being mauled. He relaxed when it was over. She then began to attach his brand new right arm. When she was nearly done with that, she pulled out a box, that was neatly wrapped in foreign looking silk. Mason looked at the package, and saw a look that told it all.

Winry: "It's a gift from your uncle Mason. It's the enchanted Gold Auto-mail grill that was given to him by general Maric. Masons eyes widened, and he reached out to grab it, but his arm as still too sore. He nodded at her to put it on his arm, and then he relaxed again as his mother went to work.


Mason was just about ready to leave. He grabbed his suitcase, and his sword, and headed for the door. He was reaching for the handle, when he realized something. He turned around, and looked everywhere. But he didn't see her smiling face.

He looked at his mother and Father with worried eyes, as he re-approached them.

Mason looked them square in the eyes and said; "Where is she?! Where's Colline?!"


Okay then Onix. Your move now. I was thinking that Colline is kidnapped by the bandits, so we could get a start on that story.
een jaar geleden shadowcon99 said…
Link this is interesting do you mind if I join?
een jaar geleden LinkKinuzuma13 said…
big smile
sure, you can! it's nice to hav other people here!
een jaar geleden onix11 said…
Daniel is seen going about this new area he is in. He grabs a quick bit to eat do to the fact he is starving and then walks some more. Daniel thinks to himself. "I wonder how mason is doing. He acted very different as soon as we arrived." As he continued he seen a man running away from two strangers. He decided to follow and ran quickly behind.

man: "Look i don't have any money, just leave me alone." He is scard to death.

Bandit 1: "You know were not here for your money. You learned that when we killed your family." He is wearing a mask that covers only the top part of his face and i has two metal spikes coming out of it.

Bandit 2: This one has a mask that covers his whole face and is made to resemble a flame. "And so you decide to run away. And thanks for leading us here. A new town is always good for the trade." He pulls out a knife and stabs the man.

Daniel: He sees this and is furious at what just happened. "Hey, what the hell do you think your doing." He clenches his fist in fury.

Bandit 1: He just laughs. "This poor boy here is our buisness. now go or we will have problems." He smiles and puts on rings marked in alchemy. "And if you want to be a witness, we can just kill you." The man puts his hands to the ground and blades form and fly from it. Daniel quickly puts up his right hand and discharges energy of destruction to destroy the blades.

Daniel: He is surprised. "Alchemist? don't you serve the military?"

Bandit 2: "Are years of service were up. So we decided to leave and become mercanaries for hire. it pays a lot more and there is more vacation time." This one pulls out a handle with a trigger and a hole on top of it and a glove that he puts on his right hand with markings on it. He pulls the trigger and something clicks and a fire ball shoots out from it. Daniel Quickly drops down to dodge the flame. He then puts both hands on the ground and launches a stone pillar from it that heads straight for the two. The one with rings hits the ground and creates a metal shield that blocks the attack. He then touches the shield and it forms two blades. He then charges Daniel who is forced out of the alley way. Without a weapon daniel has to dodge quickly.

Daniel: Thinks to himself. "This guys is very well trained with swords. I won't be able to escape him much longer without something to stop him." Daniel is then forced up against a wall with a metal pipe. He dodges the blades and grabs the pipe with both hands. He quickly makes a cude sword and blocks the next attack. "This is better. But he still has an edge." He sees his opponent move out of the way. Daniel has barely enough time to move before getting hit by a flamethrower like attack.

Bandit 1: "Your out of your leauge kid. If you forget you seen anything that happened earlier we will leave you alone." He smiles big.

Bandit 2: "We don't care much for spilling blood that isn't on the contract. Its a deduction out of our pay." They both turn and begin to run away. "Pray that your name doesn't come up boy."

Daniel: "Who the hell were they. Oh no, that man." HE runs to the alley and sees the man is still alive. "Sir, oh lord this is bad. That was some messed up knife he must of used on you."

Man: The man coughs blood. "It's fine. Your lucky to be alive boy. The men you fought are a group of mercenary's who all have the power to use alchemy." He begins to pass out. "I'll be with my family soon. Take care boy." He closes his eyes and fades from the earth.

Daniel: Daniel shakes his head. "Maybe i should call the police." He then thinks a bit more. "No, the police will just mess things up. I need an alchemist to help with this." He then begins his search for mason. And after he gets mason, he will go and see if emily is ready to stay or go.

Ask if your confused about anything.
een jaar geleden LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Nice post onix. I'll post tomorrow if i can. I want to spendtime with my family too, so i might or might not post within the next few days. Shadow, you can go ahead and post your char, and a story if you feel like it.
een jaar geleden ElricLuv said…
I'll jump in I guess. I'm not sure where everybody wants to squeeze me in but here goes.
Name: Charlotte Blair Wintercrest
Age: 15
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 105 lbs
Eye Color: Emerald
Hair Color: Blonde, Curly
State Alchemist: No
Automail: No

Charlotte was originally from a different dimention, when she was murdered she was brought to the Gate between her world and another. She was told that she was created for a specific purpose, and that she had to find out her purpose on her own. So she was hurled into a new world with a complete loss of memory from her past life. She arrived with what she thought was a gunshot wound, but a symbol started appearing around it, a welt on her chest. As it continued to come through it became clearer and she found that it was a transmutation circle. Unbinounced to her, there never was a bullet in her chest. It turned out to be a philosopher's stone. She still is unsure if she is human or immortal, but for the time being, she travels across the country searching for answers.

Charlotte is extremely protective of her friends and loved ones. though she is extremely wise, she can be quick to judge. She has managed to master psychic alchemy, where she can create objects with her mind. She has earned the title : The Paranormal Alchemist regarding her powers. Charlotte has reoccurring dreams about the day of her death, each time they become mre vivid and she learns more about herself than she had intended to. Charlotte has been seen passing through towns, traveling on her own and causing an uproar of suspicion throughout them. Her attire consists of dark wash cut off denim shorts that are belted at the top, her shirt is simply a black camisole. She wears brown boots with her hair pulled up into a pony tail, a few strands trickling down the sides o her face. She has being watched by the military because they believe she could be an important asset if she were to join them. She doesn't trust people very easily and can be very violent if provoked. She is highly skilled in th field of Mixed Martial Arts because she believes she needs to protect herself and doesn't want to put the burden of somebody else fighting for her on them. She may seen like a pissed-off teenager, but that's only skin deep. Nobody has ever looked deep enough to find out who she really is, truth be told, she doesn't even know who she really is.
een jaar geleden LinkKinuzuma13 said…
big smile
I like it. Welcome to the club!
een jaar geleden onix11 said…
Who's turn to post?
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Pumpkinqueen, shadow or elricluv. Or i can just go again, if it takes too long to figure it out.
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Pumpkinqueen asked me to skip her, so here it is.


Mason ran out the door, and through the dark fields alone, for many minutes. He could see the lights of the train station in the distance, and he ran even faster. He had to find Daniel. When he got to the train station, he was out of breath, and panting hard. He found the train to central, and began to board it, when a man in a whit uniform stopped him, and held out his hand.

"Ticket please!"

Mason scowled at the man. "I don't have one." The man leaned down to be eye to eye with Mason, which pissed him off.

"No ticket, no train. Sorry shorty."
Mason grabbed the man by the collar, and dragged him back down again.

Mason: "Look, idiot, I'm a state alchemist! You'd better let me on that train right now, or i'll beat you into the cement!"

T. Shoufer: "I don't think so." He snapped his fingers, and bunch of heavily muscled men in masks filed out from behind the walls of the station. Mason released the man from his grip, and promptly punched him in the face. Mason heard the satisfying clank of metal on his jaw, and turned when he was sure the man was knocked out. He raised his right hand, and placed it on the grip of his sword. He eyed each of the men suspiciously, and let his gaze fall on the one who had two swords strapped to his back. He pointed to him, and motioned for him to come forward. The man smiled devilishly, and before Mason could do anything, he raised his hand to speak.

???: "Before you say anything, let me speak to you alone." He signaled for his men to go back into their original positions. "Now, Mason, My name is Conan. I'm the leader of the Mercenary group known as The Alchemic 55. We are Alchemy assassins for hire, and i have come to complete my latest assignment." Mason narrowed his eyes, and tightened his grip on the handle. "My high master's ordered me to kill you." Mason looked at him in confusion.

Mason: "High masters? But you just said that..."

Conan laughed. "I meant to say that I'm the leader of the UNIT called the Alchemic 55. Sometimes i get all of it kinda mixed up. The high masters have put a bounty on all of the current alchemists heads. The two that are the highest are you, and Daniel Wells."

Mason Snorted. "And you actually think you'll be able to catch us?"

Conan lifted a finger, and pointed at Mason, his tone suddenly becoming more serious. "I would lose that attitude if i were you. It wont help." Conan lifted his hands to the handles of the blades, which had been made with alchemy, and drew them. He smiled devilishly again, and let out a deep cackle. "Now lets have some fun!!!"

He charged at Mason, who pulled the blade form the scabbard, blocking the attack. He pushed Conan away, and thrust his sword forward. Conan smiled, and leapt high into the air and landed on Masons shoulders. Mason was caught by surprise. He looked up, and saw Conan staring him in the face. Mason was brought to his knees under his weight, and felt a snap.

'Crap!' Mason thought. 'I shouldn't be fighting with this auto-mail! It was installed less than a week ago!' He brought up his right arm, and slammed Conan in the side of the head, knocking him off of Masons shoulders. Mason stood up, and regained his composure. Conan stood, and immidiatley backed away. He still had that smile on his face, as he sheathed his swords, and placed his hands on the ground. A big metal lance appeared in his hands, and he swiftly threw it at Mason. Mason turtle'd it to the ground, watching as the lance sailed above his face, and into the wall behind him. He flipped up onto his feet, and sheathed his sword. Conan looked at him in surprise.

Conan: "Giving up already? I thought you might."

Mason smiled. "Not quite." Mason clapped his hands together, and placed them onto the lance, and put grooves into it. He pulled he lace out of the wall, and into the ground in front of him. He put his hands together again, and sparked his lightning. He felt it course up his arms, and after a brief moment, grabbed the lance. The lance had a tremendous reaction to the lightning, directing it off the tip, and splintering the rock above his head. Mason pulled the lance out of the ground, and hefted it across his shoulder. Conan could merely watch in amazement, as Mason propelled it forward with tremendous strength. While Conan was blinded by the lightning, Mason unsheathed his sword, and charged after the lance.
Mason followed until he was a few feet away, and caught Conan in the leg. The lance had missed it's mark by a hair, but that was enough for Conan to do the unthinkable. He placed his hands together, and onto Masons back, reopening the previous wound, but only managed to get it halfway, before Mason shocked him.

Conan: "Gah! Damn you! Another time. We'll finish this another time!"

Mason slouched as they all dissapeared into the shadows. He stood, and winced at the pain in his back. He walked up to the bench, and sat down. He put his hands together, and placed them on his left auto-mail shoulder to fix it properly. He sighed, and waited for the next train to central.

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Charlotte sat alone, she heard the ruckus to the side of the train station, though she paid no mind.   "Men in white suits, the kid's  got a Bounty on his head."  She crossed her legs and watched as the men took off into the shadows of the long-gone train. The blonde boy whom the men were previously fighting with, ambled over to the bench where she was currently seated. He fidgeted with his steel prosthetics, clapping his hands together and creating a spark, alchemy. The leg was now in better condition, though his face was still grim. "Alchemist huh?" His head whipped around to find a blonde girl, she sat nonchalantly, speaking to the wind. "Who wants to know?" His eyes scanned her cautiously, falling upon a symbol on her chest, it was a red transmutation circle, glowing a bright purple. It stood out against her ivory skin like a bruise. "I'm known by many names. "The Paranormal Alchemist", "Central's Most Wanted", and most recently, "God's Lost Child." What you want to call me is up to you."  Mason stared at the woman who was eerily familiar. He pushed that thought from his mind and flooded it with even more questions. "Charlotte Wintercrest" She outstretched her gloved hand, making eye contact with him for the first time. "Mason Elric." She froze, her hand never connecting with his. "Elric?" Mason nodded dumbly, not really sure where she was going with this. "I have heard about you. Edward's son." Now Mason was regretting choosing this specific bench to retire on. "I haven't seen him in ages. How's your old man?"  His eye twitched, who was this woman? How could she know his father? She looked to him with hopeful eyes, then remembered. "Oh. Allow me to explain. I was brought here from a different dimension with a purpose to fulfill, and I never age. I traveled with your father for years. He was my best friend." Mason sat for a few seconds to digest what had just been fed to him, then burst out laughing. "HAHAHAHAHAHA! YOU'RE INSANE! BWAHAHAHA!" Charlotte scowled at the disbeliever, unsheathing a switchblade and tossing it into the cackling teen's automail shoulder. It stuck into one of the joints, his arm fell limp to his side. "Hey! You-" she smiled and opened her palm. Her originally green eyes glowed an eerie red and the blade was withdrawn from the piece  of iron and  landed back into her hand, flipped closed. "What the hell did you do to my automail?!" She chuckled lightly to herself as she spun it around her finger and slipped in back into the loop of her belt. "Might want to have your mom, Winry Rockbell look at it. But maybe I'm wrong since I apparently don't know anything about you." She cocked an eyebrow in his direction. "What do you think?"  Mason sighed and clapped his hands once again, returning his automail to it's usual state with a flash of light. "What the hell are you?" He asked in fascination. "Well. I'm definitely not human. So I'm thinking immortal..." This time he looked to her with believing eyes, zoning out for a moment to catch up in all of the information presented to him. Charlotte bumped him  with her elbow and pointed forward. "Train." 
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I thin ill join seeing how u invited me link.

Name : steven cobalt

Age 20

Age became an alchemist: 13


Hair color :brown

Eye color: a deep bronze (family trait)

Hight: 5ft 8in


Types of alchemys mastered:minaral / earth

Personality: has a very warm and open personality always wanting to learn new things and meet new people.

Background: he grew up im a rich family that beleved that alchemy was a sin,but steven was fasinated by it and secrtly lerned it from his butler in the woods on his family land . But when steven was 13 his father caught hi and fired the servent and disowned,his son but out of love did not cut him off from the family money but in stead limited it. Steven then went to central and took his alchemist exam and failed it 3 times. At age 15 the took it agin and pasted and receved the code name the gem alchemis.
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steven is sitting asleep on the train
???:excuse me sir. sir?

steven eyes half open:go away, this isnt my stop. leave me be. he turns and faces the window.
???:no i was asking if we can sit here

???:forget it we will go find some were else to sit

steven: wait u already woke me up might as well join me give me some compiny. sit sit .(he first looks at the boy hes a little shrimp of a boy about 5ft3 with blond hair a sword then he turns to the girl shes about 5ft6 and blong hair with emrald eyes she cant be olde than 16)

charlotte: hi my name is charlotte Wintercrest

mason:and im mason elric and u are

steven opening his all the way: im steven cobalt and a state alchemist just like you

mason how u know that?
steven points: the watch and the sword on ur back that makes u the Lightning-Blade Alchemist am i correct?

mason yes but wait u said u were named steven cobalt as in the welthy cobalt family

charlotte:yes he is part of them look at his eyes its a rare family trait. but what i dont get is that the cobalt family beleves alchemy is a sin .

steven:well thats true so im not aloud to go home ever but i still have the money so it all works out. oh and my code name is the gem alchemist master of minarels .(he lits his hands and shows tattos he uses for his alchemy.)would u like a demenstration?

mason: sure plz do

steven:ok he pulls out a steel coin and makes a fist a found it and electricity sparks in his hand then he opens his hand and revels a pile of rusted iorn.

mason ok whats so speicl about that

steven: u didnt noticed i boke it down to its basic elements and minarals mostly iorn and some nickle.thats my alchemy i break things down to there most basic elements and minarals i can also rearande the amout of an element ir minal to change its composition.

well thats all i got ill fix it if i mess thing up

this is stevfens trans mutaton circle if u want to know
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 steven is sitting asleep on the train ???:excuse me sir. sir? steven eyes half open:go away, t
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Emily wakes up and yawns "Well, todays the day." crawling out of her tent she dumps a small bag of rice into a bowl and puts it over a fire. "Well, that's the last of the rice. I guess it's back to collecting fruit again." As the rice cooks Emily crawls back into her tent and starts packing. "Ok I got my winter clothes, the rest of my money, and....my locket. I guess that's everything." Emily looks down at her worn out clothes and bare feet. "I really need to buy some new clothes. But I would actually need more then 10 Yen to do that." Emily sighs putting the locket around her neck and steps outside. Looking around the forest, she thinks to herself "I wonder where Daniel is, he should have been here by now." Sitting down, she starts eating her breakfast saving some just is case Daniel was hungry.

_ _ _

Sorry it's not that long
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Mason stood and continues to look at Steven. Mason decided to sit down, as id Charlotte. They all sat in silence, before Mason broke it with an awkward question.

Mason: "So, why are you never allowed home?"

Steven sat up and looked at him with surprise. "Excuse me?"

Mason: "Sorry, it's just that you said..." Mason trailed off, and looked at Steven again.

Steven smiled. "No, it's fine. My parents were always against me learning about alchemy. But i secretly took lessons from my butler. He taught me in the woods around our home, but eventually, we were caught. They expelled my butler form the residence, and my father disowned me. But for some reason, h is still letting me tap into the family riches. I've been travelling for awhile now, looking for something."

Mason was intrigued. "What are you looking for?"

Steven just sighed. "I don't know, but i will when i find it."


Sorry, really short post guys. I gotta help put my room back together, so ya.
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Name:Edward Newgate


Age became a state Alchemist:19

Do they have auto-mail:Yes, right arm and middle of his chest.

Hair color:Light Brown
Eye color:Red

Types of alchemy mastered:Earth and Water

Personality:Loyal, Independent, Will fight for less fortunate, Friendly

Back-story(a.k.a. their life before the events in the RP):An Ishvalan who had to work for everything as a child. Lived with his three brothers and two sisters in the ruins of Ishval. After the death of his brothers from roaming bandits, he and his sisters traveled to Xing and there learned Alchehestry. At the age of 15 he finally traveled to the Northern Amestris to study Alchemy and combine the two. The three worked at Briggs until Edward was recruited into being a State Alchemist at age 19. The name chosen for him was the Red-Eyed Alchemist.
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een jaar geleden LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Welcome aboard!
een jaar geleden sonoboreas said…
Good to be aboard! What's going on in the RP right now? How should I join?
een jaar geleden LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Hmm... Well, you could start out having him at the train station when we get off, or he could be walking around the woods near where Emily is... You can decide, if you want to. :)
een jaar geleden sonoboreas said…

I sat quietly at the train station watching the people shuffle back and forth through the busy station. I was awaiting the incoming train, or more importantly, two of its important occupants.
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een jaar geleden LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Nice :)
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Ok guys. Heres the current posters in their turn order. If you have a problem, you can message me, and i'll change it. The order is:

And finally shadow, if he ever decides to post a char and story.

However! If nobody has posted within 5 days of their own turn, if you ask me, then you can skip them. Does this sound fair to you all?
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big smile
Sounds good to me.
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Yeah, sounds great.
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Im kool with that
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sure. I think i got skipped though.
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Daniel arrives in the woods, he is searching for Emily. He knew he had gotten a bit lost on the way to meeting her. He then smelled food and knew where she was. He walked to her direction and seen that she had her things packed and she was ready to go.

Daniel: He sits down in front of him and she offers him the rice. Daniel shakes his head. "You eat it. You'll need the strength. And it's good to see you again."

Emily: She smiles. "It's good to see you too. Where is mason at?" She was curious on where he was.

Daniel: He just looked a bit down. "I was wondering that myself. I fought these weird people in town and thought that mason could help me figure out who they were." HE stood up and extended his hand. "So the true question is. Are you wanting to come and travel with me." He puts on a smile and patiently waits for her response.
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big smile
In, my next post, Im going to incorporate Masons birthday!!! He'll be 17!
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name:giles riker

age 40(is in supriingly great shape for his age)

become alchemist :12

eyes:gray blue

type of alchemy: blood alchem

personality:seems warm but is crul

background:was the teacher of steven cobalt and his personal butler. he was fired after he was caught eaching steven alchemy.years later he deviloped his own form of alchemy and be came a state alchemist code name scarlet alchimist

theres som mistakes like the triangle at the bottom.but giles has one on each shoulder.the top is the top of this pic
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 name:giles riker age 40(is in supriingly great shape for his age) become alchemist :12 hai:s
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Emily grabs Daniels hand and smile. "Yes, I want to travel with you."

Daniel pulls her up and smiles back. "That's great, welcome to the team." Daniel looks at Emily's small backpack raising his eyebrows. "Is that all you have?"

Emily shugges "Yeah, I pack light. It's easier for me to move around if I don't have a lot of stuff." Daniel walks over and picks up her bag. Emily walks over to him "You don't have to carry it, I can get it. It's not that heavy."

Daniel hands the bag back over to her, then turns around picking up the bigger bag holding the tent and sleepingbag. "Ok, you can carry that. But I'll carry this one."

Emily smiles and puts the backpack on. "So where do we head now? Maybe we should start for the train station, Mason maybe there."

Daniel nods "Good idea, lets go." Daniel starts leading the way thoughs the forest, Emily close behind him. Emily looks over her shoulder seeing the only home she's had for the last 9 years fade out of view.

_ _ _

Done! :)
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Mason silently got off the train, seeking a warm area in the station. He quickly decided, that the best thing to do, was to go and find Daniel, so h pushed the thought of warmth aside. He followed the path to the woods, assuming that Daniel was already there. He had been right. While he had been searching on the wrong side, Daniel and Emily had emerged behind them, and nearly scared him to death. Mason turned and smiled at them.

Mason: "Hey guys. I see Emily decided to come? Well, that's nice to hear." Mason kept smiling until he could barely hide the flinches of pain from his back. He winced, dropping his suitcase on the forest floor. Mason made a weird face, and Charlotte stepped forward to grab his shoulder.

Charlotte: "You okay?"

Mason flinched again, but turned to her, and nodded. "Yeah..."

Charlotte snorted. "No you're not."

Daniel sighed. "What happened this time?" Mason scratched his head, embarrassed.

Mason grumbled, but didn't complain, as Daniel set to work, re-sealing his back injury with he help of Emily's fire. Mason flinched as he felt the heat, but was otherwise okay. He stood up, loving that it felt better. Mason grabbed his suitcase, and hefted it over his shoulder. They all four then started back to the train station to find Steven again.
Sorry. I had a lotoooot of homework. But don't worry, when my next turn comes around, it'll be Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch longer. Later guys!
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Who's turn?
een jaar geleden LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Onix, and then you.
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As there walking Daniel has a large grin on his face. He thinks to himself "All these cute girls that are actually cool. It's so awesome."

Emily: She looks over at him with a bit of a questioning stare. "What are you thinking about Daniel?"

Daniel: He sort of trips when he hears her. He quickly thinks of a response. "Well, what i was wondering is, how do you always seem to get your self beat up so often Mason?" Emily and Charlotte both elbow him in the stomsch. He holds it for a second, regaining his breath. "What i say?"

Mason: He laughs a bit. "It just seems that trouble finds me wherever i go. And by the way, Some strange people want you dead as well."

Daniel: He looks a bit confused. "That's strange. The last people i met said they didn't want to kill me, only people they were hired to kill."

Charlotte: Charlotte changes the conversation. "Where do guys think Steven is. Last time we seen him, he was at the train station."

Daniel: He puts his hands behind his head. "Hopefully he is a cool guy and not a downer." At this, both the girls elbow him again. Daniel gasps. "Geez, can you warn a guy before you do that." Mason laughs at this as they continue on their search for steven.