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 Don't Forget October 3rd
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hallo i know i made vraag kind of like this a while back but decided that an artikel would be even better !

1. The name Edward is forever sacred to you
2. Being short doesn't bother u that much anymore.

3. When u here the seven deadly sins u think of the homunculi family and start laughing a bit.

4. In science when the teacher says "alchemy" u perk up and smile.
5. The word "Mustang" is now forever related to Roy.

6. The 3rd of October is special to you.

7. u own both series, and the movie's, a decent amount of the manga, and keep it all in a FMA bag.

8. u love watching FMA amv's anf reading fan fiction that's well written.

9. When somebody tells u Cullen's the real Edward u literally freak out and start screaming at them.

10. u take the time to make a lijst like this!
i hope u enjoyed this! tell me how u obsess
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EmilyxEnvy- "So....you really do care?"

Deep in the forest comes the sounds of a battle, moving in close we find 16 jaar old Emily White battling Envy.
Emily fires a fireball right at Envy, but misses and hits a tree. Envy looks at the burning boom and back at her. "Come on Emily! I'm three feet in front of you, how are u going to learn to use your brand alchemy better if u can't hit something so close to you!?" Emily glares back at him "You don't think I'm trying? brand isn't the easiest thing to control Envy!"
"Well if u weren't so blind, then maybe u actually brand straight!!" Frost...
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