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posted by peaceanddeath
Gabe the Lion is a Cheetah! A King Cheetah. He wanted to be the king of the jungle also so he wears a lion costume. He can also speak, fly, but can't type, so he doesn't have an email. And is Queen Lylac's best friend, and war buddy. BFF's. They have no love even though he is a boy! No fan girls of boys doing anything!!!!
P.S. If u go on Google, the first page of the images, there are pictures from here.

This is to short to be an artikel so shall type several random words. Word to yo mother. Yo yo yo! Queen Lylac forever! Gabe is the best Lion/cheetah ever!
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One dag a ‘normal girl’ was in class. She drew a stick figure lion in math class. She decided to name him Gabe because he reminded her of the lion. Many years later Lylac became queen of the world. She sucked the happiness out of many thing to give her magic powers. With those powers, she brought the stick figure, to life. He became a evil hero , at her side. They ruled together with the king with them. King K, was his name. They lived happily ever after, but all the other people in the world where miserable.
The End
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