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posted by redsnowball
Gigi love's to do her nails, do her make-up, and do hair. She does @crami03's nails and mine to! @crami03 is Gigi's little sister, and Gi love's to go to the bathroom alone turn on the radio and do her nails for like 1 hour. And when me and @crami03 ask her if she can do our nails she says "yes" sometimes and "no" sometimes because she's doing her nails. And she save's up her money to buy her make-up. And get this she has a little box full of lip-stick! She also has a make-up bag that is fulled up with her prifeshinoll nail stuff and a shoe box fulled with nail pollish, cotten balls and that stuff to take off the nail pollish from your nails, and a wax hand to practis panting her nails. I don't have anything else to say but Gi is open for buissness!!!