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-Heart's Pov-
My name is hart-, hart Valentine,I'm moving to a new town called,Ponyville in a matter of a hour,But,Before I have to get off the train,heres My Story..I grew up,and until now in Canterlot,and it wasn't until I got My cutie-mark that My life has Gotten crazy..when I went to my First Gala,about half a jaar ago,that it was ruined door 9 ponies, but it didn't matter to me,since I did have fun,But the names of the,ponies I believed to be called,Fluttershy,Pinkie Pie,Rarity,Musicale, regenboog dash,Apple-jack,Stardust,Twilight Sparkle,and a green pony,but I didnt know her name.But,I didn't know...
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Bio:When She was Little,She was always happy no matter what,But one faithful day..her mother died! But,She went through it,She Has a Little sister name:Sunset,and Her dad.She has a major crush on a boy when she was little once, but he dated the meanest pony girl in the whole town her name was:Heart Breaker(noo surprise!)
She was upset for awhile..But one day..She got over it, and she found out they broke up, and she started dating her little crush thoughout elementary school to right now,(btw i forgot to add the hart-, hart cutie mark.)
How She got it:From finding her true-love! When She started dating,Jonathan appel, apple her cutie mark appeared as One roze hart-, hart and one Maroon heart.
Family:Sister-Sunset Dad-???
Boyfriend-Jonathan Apple
Likes-Art,music,her boyfriend,and her best friends!
Hates-Haters,Metal music,country-music, and hart-, hart Breaker(her enemy)
Powers-Flying,Different magic with her horn.
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This Song Is Awesome!!
south park
song :3
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(Like I zei In Part 6 e.e)
After That Major event,I Thought I Wouldn't wanna
go on. But After us relaxing for a little while,we
felt better,way better.Me and The Other Pegasus and Alicorns were going up the hill,and every other pony was
walking,it was a very steep heuvel going up.Well, at least
for the other earth ponies.And When we made it to the top,we
looked around in shock.Total darkness as far as we can see.
Way out in the distance was a old castle,old and abandoned
Of Course.
We Looked at each other,debating if we should continue of not..Guess Which one won?
I Saw how hard it was for the Earth...
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(From Now On,The Pov Will Only Be HV e_O)
I Suddenly heard a another roar of laughter that
came from Discord. How his laughter sicken me.
But,I Won't let him again.Not With my bestest of vrienden with me.There's nothing we cannot do.Then Out of the Blue,I Saw Something white as the white clouds..which aren't white anymore.
The Strange white object headed for us,and we all ran away.When we heard the white item crashed.
We realized it was just a pony.
"Ow! I Need to look out for those Pies flying around..",The White pony Said.The pony looked at us.
"Um...Hi?" She Said. We all came out of our cover,and...
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Courtney Cox..XD
Brain Boitano! XD
I Love This Song! Its SO AWESOME!!<33 :D
M'kay All Of You! xD Jk Jk :3
XD Shut Your Fucking Face..xD
-Heart's Pov-
I Cannot believe it,Discord came out from his stone rock hard shell after 2 years! I Sighed,I Know its my fault,He only comes out when there's no harmony.I Didn't like this pony named Stardust..If I Just gegeven her a chance,this wouldn't of happen,but still..I Didn't like her appearance.Appearing dark as the sky,and flying away with the color of red.Like Blood to me,really creepy looking in the sky.But,at times when I meet her,she seemed nice,I Bought it as a act,trying to look nice.Trying to mess with me, every time I'm Near.But,Was it really a act? Was it real? Well,no time to...
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