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 Taeyeon Sexy Nurse
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kunst van een fan
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This Girls Generation/SNSD kunst van een fan contains hot tub. There might also be maillot, unitard, body suit, catsuit, leotard unitard, pak, cat suit, badpak, badmode, zwemmen kostuum, zwembroek, zwemkleding, and baden kostuum.

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On July 18th, SM Entertainment unveiled a performance of “Trap” door Seohyun and Super Junior-M’s Henry .”Trap”, Henry’s solo debut song, was released in June of this jaar and originally featured Henry playing the piano during the beginning and ending of live performances of the song. For this special collaboration, Seohyun takes over the role of the piano while Henry plays the violin.

Seohyun’s piano skills have been featured in several stages in the past, such as with Taeyeon for “Can u Hear Me?”, with Kim Taewoo for “Love Rain”, in “The Sound of Hallyu”, in her MTV special, during her solo performance in Girls’ Generation’s first tour through Asia, and many others
Jessica's Perspective

Teaming up with a Gemini usually brings out the best in you. That's because u share this sign's desire to try anything once. Whether u feel like bungee jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge of trekking through the amazone, amazon rainforest, you'll find a willing companion in Gemini. You'll never be bored with Gemini, either, thanks to their impressive storytelling abilities. The Twins, in turn, delight in the fact that u know just what buttons to push to put a plan into action. True, there will be times when Gemini forgets to meet u at the park, thanks to their sieve-like...
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The girls from SNSD recently appeared on the toon “Ousama no Brunch” to talk about their new album with reporter Marina.

The girls spoke some English and talked about the Mr. Taxi dance, the foods they want to try, and their favoriete places in Japan so far.

Marina: Everyone speaks Japanese, don’t you?

Girls: Just a little bit…

Marina: Who’s the one that can speak the most?

Girls: It’s Sooyoung, she’s the best.

Marina: u can pretty much speak, then?

Sooyoung: Well, just everyday conversation.

Marina: Are u studying right now?

Sooyoung: Yes, everyone is doing their best to study hard....
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