Glee [Round 51] Least favoriete Songs From the seconde Half of Glee Season 5?

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Who Are u Now
Story of My Life
All of Me
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Every Breath u Take
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I Believe in a Thing Called Love
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Jumpin' Jumpin'
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Don't u (Forget About Me)
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meer Than a Feeling
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I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
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Raise Your Glass
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Defying Gravity
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Keep Holding On
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Be Okay
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Just Give Me a Reason
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Don't Stop Believin'
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Best dag of My Life
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No One Is Alone
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I'm the Greatest ster
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Pumpin Blood
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Wake Me Up
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Melt With u
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Take Me home pagina pagina Tonight
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Glitter in the Air
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 jasamfan23 posted een jaar geleden
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jasamfan23 picked Who Are u Now:
Eliminated So Far:

34. The Rose
35. Hold On
36. Danny's Song
37. Happy
38. Love Is a Battlefield
39. Broadway Baby
40. Lovefool
41. Werewolves of London
42. Addicted to Love
43. Not While I'm Around
44. Loser Like Me
45. I Am Changing
46. America
47. Girls on Film
48. Mr. Roboto/Counting Stars
49. I Want to Know What Love Is
50. Don't Sleep in the Subway
51. I'm Still Here
52. I Love LA
53. Party All the Time
54. You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman
55. Let's Wait Awhile
56. Barracuda
57. Colorblind
58. You Make Me Feel So Young
59. The Happening
60. American Boy
61. Shakin' My Head
62. My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)
63. Don't Rain On My Parade
64. NYC
65. Lucky Star
66. Memory
67. No Time at All
68. Whenever I Call You Friend
69. Doo Wop (That Thing)
70. Vacation
71. Piece of My Heart
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