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Road to Happiness Part 14

“You’re pregnant?” Chuck asked. He was being thrown for a loop here.
Blair blew out a deep breath. “Yeah, I just found out a couple of days ago. I wanted to wait, and find the perfect time to tell you, Chuck. I figured there’s no better time than now.”
Chuck gulped, but didn’t say anything.
“You’re mad, aren’t you?”
He shook his head. “No I’m not, Blair. It’s just a lot to take in.”
Blair completely understood, because she knew how Chuck’s brain worked.
“I get that, Chuck. It is a lot, but I promise u that everything will work itself out.”
“I hope so.”
Blair panicked. “Do u not want me anymore? of the baby?”
Chuck gaped at her. “Of course not, I want both of you. I just don’t want to be like Bart, and toon no emotion to my child. I want our baby to know, that I love him of her desperately. Our child should never feel like I did, when I was growing up. I’m just scared, Blair.”
She felt tears spring to her eyes. “You would never be like that to our baby. u know the mistakes that Bart made, and u would never repeat them, Chuck. This baby that is growing inside of me is going to be lucky to have u as a father. I know u don’t believe it Chuck, but I know in my hart-, hart that u will be a great father. That’s how much I trust you.”
Chuck placed his hand on her belly, and rubbed it. He finally nodded, and kissed Blair with all the love he felt for her.
“I know it will be okay, Blair. Because of you.”
They clutched at each other, and knew that everything would be alright. They were destined to be happy.
One jaar Later

It was finally here. It was Blair’s wedding day, and she couldn’t be happier. Her life was finally on the right track, and she owed it all to Chuck. So much had happened in the last year.
Serena and Dan had gotten married, and welcomed a bouncing baby boy. They had named him Brandon, and luckily he took after Serena.
Serena was tired of all the lies, so she decided to finally tell Dan the whole truth. He now knew that Nate was the father of Brandon. At first he had been furious and wouldn’t speak to Serena, but he eventually gave in and forgave her, because he knew he wasn’t a perfect saint either.
They were now blissfully happy, and Serena had just announced that Brandon was going to be a big brother. Blair was very happy for her, Chuck on the other hand wasn’t. He had never forgiven Serena for what she had done to Blair. He had told her this, but Blair knew it was time to let the past die and remain dead.
Nate had a trial for embezzlement and fraud. He had the best lawyers that money could buy, but they had failed to get him cleared of the charges. Nate had been convicted of everything, and was now serving 5-10 years in state prison. Blair felt vindicated, because she felt Nate got what he deserved all along.
She knew when he got out of prison, that she had to try and get past what he had done to her and Chuck. But right now, Blair felt no real inclination to so.
Blair and Chuck had a few rough patches along the way, but nothing too serious. He was very nervous, that he was going to turn out exactly like Bart. Blair knew that would never happen, but that didn’t stop him from worrying about it.
In time, he had grown to love the baby, and couldn’t wait to meet his child. Blair was also very excited to meet her; she just knew it was a girl, while Chuck insisted that it was a boy. She knew she was right though, and it turned out that she was.
The night that she went into labor, Chuck was frantic. He was terribly afraid that something was going to go wrong. Nothing did. After Blair had been in labor for fifteen hours, they welcomed a beautiful baby girl.
She basically looked like a mini Chuck. Same facial features, same everything. The moment Chuck saw his baby girl; he fell head over heels in love with her. He knew at that exact moment, he would never be like Bart of his real father. All of his ridiculous worrying had been for nothing.
When Blair saw her baby, which she and Chuck had made out of love, she felt exactly the same way. They both fell deeper in love with each other, than before.
Later that night, while she was resting, Chuck had asked what she had wanted to name their daughter.
Blair looked him directly in the eye. “I want to name her Charlie, after u Chuck. She deserves your name, and I want to give it to her. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to us. Chuck Bass, you’re the perfect man and father, and I don’t know what I would do without you.”
When she looked at Chuck, she was shocked to see tears in his eyes.
“I like it. Charlie it is. I love u and Charlie so much, Blair. You’re everything to me, and always will be.”
Blair had been right; he was a natural with Charlie. He was the exact opposite of Bart. Little Charlie was now five months old, and was downstairs waiting for her parents to get married.
Blair was finally going to marry Chuck Bass. She was wearing a beautiful custom made Badgley Mischka wedding dress, and she swept her hair up into a classic updo. She felt like Princess Ann from Roman Holiday.
She was just putting the finishing touches on her makeup, when Serena walked in.
“It’s time, B.”
Blair nodded, and got ready to take her turn down the aisle. She was nervous all of a sudden, and she didn’t know why. Her nervousness abated when he father walked her down the aisle, and she saw Chuck there.
He was staring at her, like he had never seen anything so beautiful in his life. Blair reached him, and they clasped hands. The minister zei a few words, and then it was time to say the vows. Blair went first.
“Chuck.” She said, gazing at him lovingly.
“I always had this perfect idea of what my life would turn out like. It never happened, how I pictured it. I realize now, just door looking at you, that I was never really happy until we were together. u have made my life what it is today. I still remember our first kiss in the back of your limo. I remember feeling dazed and astonished, because I had never felt anything like that before. It was and still in the seconde best night of my life. The only thing that topped it was giving birth to Charlie. I’ll never forget your face the night u saw Charlie for the first time, it was just beautiful. u looked at her, the way a father should look at his child. It made me fall even meer in love with you, if that’s possible. I love your motivation, passion, and zest for life. But most importantly, I love u Chuck Bass.”
Blair finished her speech, and gazed at Chuck and saw the happiness shine through his eyes. Then she looked at their daughter, who was blowing spit bubbles.
“Chuck, it’s your turn.” The minister said.
Chuck smirked. “Wow, I don’t know how anything could top, boven that.”
Everyone laughed.
Chuck continued, “I consider myself a fairly unemotional person. Most things don’t affect me. I can honestly say standing here with you, Blair Waldorf u affect me. I feel all my emotions running to the forefront, because of you. I’m not afraid to toon my feeling anymore. I’m going to cry today, and I’m proud of that.”
He took a breath, and saw tears running silently down Blair’s face.
“Before we were together, I was miserable. I thought I was happy, but it was all a façade. I was always looking for the volgende woman, the volgende drink of scotch, of the volgende high that I could achieve. Then that night at Victrola, everything changed. When I saw u up on that stage, I suddenly felt alive, like something was burning inside of me. It was amazing, and I finally felt happy. That’s what u do to me, Blair. u have made me into the person, that is standing here right now. I want to thank u for that, because it means everything. There is no Chuck bas, bass without Blair Waldorf. I know that for a fact. u are the perfect woman, and I couldn’t survive without u of Charlie. I love you, meer than u will ever know. No words can describe my love for you.”
When Chuck stopped talking, there wasn’t a dry eye in the church. Chuck was even crying, just as he zei he would be. Blair was so immensely touched door what he had just zei in his vows. She had never heard such beautiful words in her life.
The minister zei a few meer words, and Blair and Chuck exchanged rings.
Then the magic words were spoken. “I now pronounce u man and wife. u may kiss your bride.”
Chuck lunged for Blair and wrapped her in his arms, while giving her a restrained and tender kiss.
When they finally broke apart, they were both breathless. Chuck growled, “You’re Mrs. bas, bass now.”
She smiled. “I know, I couldn’t be happier about it. I’ve waited for u my whole life, Chuck.”
He grabbed her hand, and they walked out of the church to thunderous applause. This was it, they were officially married. This is how they were supposed to be, and life was perfect now.
They were now a family, they were Blair and Chuck. One didn’t exist without the other. Their souls were connected, and that was the most intimate thing. Blair and Chuck walked off into the sunset, and waited for the excitement that every dag would bring them. It would surely never cease to be exciting, because after all they were Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass. What was better than that?


A/N: Whew! This series is finished, and I am happy about the outcome of it. This was definitely my favoriete chapter to write, I just love how it ended. Thank u everybody for your support, and please review this final chapter, so I know what u thought about it and the whole story. Review, review, review! Thank You!
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