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 home pagina again Blair?
Home again Blair?
Chair Tales S02E04 - The Art of the Deal

In Manhattan.
The D.A.Y group are on an open top, boven bus tour of Manhattan. They have just left the bus for lunch.
Blair and Zane are talking.

B: I miss this....i know it isn't where i lived but its not too far from the Upper East Side!
Z: The Upper East Side....i've heard all the stories...
B: What stories!?
Z: u know...the rich guys, stuck up girls...
B: (whacks him with her handbag, he laughs) Oi! I was an Upper East Side girl! We weren't that bad!
Z: (laughs) Well what were u then? Cool of uncool?
B: I was pretty popular.
Z: how popular....Queen B popular?
B: (looks at him and smiles) well....
Z: Oh my...you were top, boven of the food chain right?
B: Pretty much. (she laughs)
Z: Well....i always thought u had a swagger about you!
B: (smiles) I'll take that as a compliment!
Z: Well it was (he puts his arm around her)
B: In fact i was the Queen B. (manages to release herself from his arm) and Chuck...he was my equal. (she laughs)
Z: Well u know what they say...equals repel. it's opposites that attract.
B: Maybe when your talking about magnets...but not real people. (she giggles) Me and Chuck....it was like fighting brand with fire...and that always works!
Z: Well not always, take a look at Australia!
B: Well we're in America. I know that me and Chuck wont have the perfect life....but any life with him would be good enough for me.
Z: If only he felt the same way...anyway...why dont we do something fun......like do our own thing?
B: ummmm....what do u mean?
Z: Leave the group behind.....you can take me to the Upper East Side....show me where u once lived?
B: I dont know....what if we get in to trouble?
Z: we'll say we got lost...it's no big deal!
B: Well i guess i could go back home....i could visit mother and Dorota!
Z: Dorota? Is that like your pet of something?
B: (laughs) Something like that...

They trail off unnoticed door the rest of the group and catch a taxi to Upper East Manhattan.

* * * * * * *


Chuck has hired a private investigator to find out how he lost the sponsorship deal. He tells the P.I to take a lead on Bart bas, bass and see if he had anything to do with it.
Chuck also thinks up a way to raise some money for the time being. He knows the only people he can trust are his only friends, so he decides to go to Serena for help.

At Serena and Dan's house.
Dan is home, but Serena isn't, she is due to return form a shopping trip so Dan lets Chuck wait for her.

D: So what do u need to talk to her about?
C: Ummm...nothing really....just personal stuff....Blair related.
D: Oh....Blair's on that West Side trip aint she?
C: Yeah...she's been gone since the weekend.
D: Bet your having a great time! I know i am....me and Serena finally have some peace and quite!
C: hallo thats my girl your making fun of!
D: Well u have to admit she can be a handful! In fact Serena actually needed her today...she's had a lot of wedding planning to do and she doesn't want my help....thats why she's out today...i know the wedding is ages away but she thinks she has lots to do...she's been running around all over the place...
C: Really? So the wedding plans are going well then?
D: I think we're going to build up to it so much with all her formal announcements and parties that people will be too worn out door the time the wedding dag comes. Personally i dont get why she'd want to spend so much money on pre-wedding events....im a bit superstitious!
C: Oh...she's been raiding the bank then?
D: Constantly. I told her to make sure she leaves enough for the wedding dress!
C: (forces a laugh) Well...ummm...seeing as she's probably got enough on her plate...i think i'll come see her another time.
D: Are u sure u dont want to wait?
C: Nah, i'll come another time, tell her i zei hi.

Chuck leaves Serena and Dan's house feeling as though his only option was now out of question. There was no way he could ask Serena for money when she was busy with her wedding arrangements, she would need the money herself and he didnt want to worry her with his money troubles and put such a burden on her. He had no other options left and he needed some money fast.

* * * * * * *

It's early afternoon and Blair has been tonen Zane around the Upper East Side, taking him past her school and tonen him Chuck's old club Victrola, a lot of her tour involved tonen him places that were significant to her and Chuck, much to Zane's dismay. He wasn't interested in Blair and Chuck, he was just interested in Blair.
They eventually arrive at their final destination, Blair's house. She rings the door klok, bell and Dorota answers, she is shocked when she see's Blair at the door and greets her with a big hug, Blair is ecstatic.

B: Dorota!
Dt: Miss. Blair! u are home! It's been a while!
B: Months!
Dt: Yes, how are you?
B: Im fine....(looks at Zane) ummm dorota, this is a friend of mine, Zane Mayer, Zane this is Dorota.
Z: (Shakes Dorotas hand) Nice to meet u Dorota.
Dt: u too, come inside both of you.
Z: (whispers to Blair) So this is the pet?
B: (giggles) She's my maid and nanny...she was like a big sister to me!
Z: Right.

Eleanor also arrives and greets Blair and introduces herself to Zane. Dorota is asked door Eleanor to take Zane to the Lounge while her and Blair catch up.

B: So, hows the business going?
E: As good as always. I have a new line coming out in The Netherlands volgende week so i'll be going there volgende week to endorse my brand....im looking vooruit, voorwaarts to it.
B: Congratulations mother.
E: Oh, well what do expect...hard work always pays off....anyway...where's Chuck. of have u moved on?
B: Mother! Me and Chuck are...perfectly fine.
E: So who is this Zane boy....i hope your upholding the Waldorf reputation.
B: What! If u must know he is just a friend....we're in a play together and we're only here because we were on a trip with the D.A.Y.
E: Well hopefully that's all he is....just a friend.

They kom bij Zane who is patiently waiting for them. They sit and continue to talk.

* * * * * * *

In New Haven.
Chuck is in his office...he has been contacting a few old vrienden and finds one contact whom he thinks maybe able to help him. He is about to contact him when he receives a call from his father.

Phone call.

C: Father...
Bt: Is there anything that you'd like to tell me Charles.
C: (worried) What are u talking about?
Bt: Im talking about a major sponsorship deal that has gone up in flames. The same deal u were bragging about a few weeks back.
C: I....i dont know what happened.
Bt: What happened is u messed up Charles...i've looked into it briefly....by messing up this deal you've damaged the reputation of the business...other sponsors will be reluctant to collaborate with us knowing that we were refused door such a profound establishment.
C: There was a higher bidder....it's not like there's anything wrong with our business....they just found a better deal.
Bt: Thats not the point....look Charles....i've gegeven u so many chances....i've bent over backwards to try and make this work....how can i rely on u to fix this....i cant take any meer risks.
C: I have other ideas...im finding the investment we need...just give me a few days....thats all i ask...dont pull the plug on this just yet...
Bt: (he sighs) I cant keep cleaning up your mess Charles.
C: Im not asking u to....all i need is a few days...thats all.
Bt: (short silence) fine....but u better find a way of getting some money to survive the coming months as well as finding a new sponsor.
C: Ok...Randy is already in contact with potential sponsors....and im looking for some extra funds for until we get a new sponsor....
Bt: I'll be expecting results within the week.
C: fine....thank you.
Bt: Dont let me down again Charles of its over. (he hangs up)
C: ......Bye.

Chuck thinks for a moment before picking up his phone and calling an old friend.

C: Hi...H.G?
H.G: Who is this?
C: Im Chuck Bass.
H.G: Chuck? Oh ye....how u doing old friend?
C: Im doing fine...i was wondering....do u still....you know...
H.G: Yeah man i still deal....you want some gear?
C: I was thinking meer of helping u out....for a cut.
H.G: u wanna deal for me? Bro...you called just at the right time...i have a big deal coming up this week....i needed a New Yorker to take the lead for me...you'll be perfect for this.
C: When do u need me?
H.G: All week....it's a big one.
C: Well I need big one...how much is the job worth.
H.G: Enough to get u a decent house and a few cars.
C: Well luckily i have already have a house and a car.
H.G: Well then your going to need big pockets.
C: Sounds like just what i need.
H.G: I'm going to text u a meeting time and place. Be there. Speak to u soon. (he hangs up)

Chuck puts his phone down and then sips some of his scotch. Drugs was the last thing he wanted to get involved with, but he knew it would get him the money he needed as fast as he needed. He would just do this one deal and his money problems would be over for a long time until he found a new sponsor.

* * * * * * *

It's late afternoon at the Waldorf house. Eleanor has taken a liking to Zane who has been trying extra hard to impress her. Blair hasn't noticed his keenness to make a good impression and just thinks he's being nice.

Eleanor and Blair are in the keuken-, keuken after dinner.

E: So i can see why u like this boy, he is very nice.
B: Yeah, he's nice....he's a good friend to me too.
E: Yes, i can see why.
B: What do u mean?
E: Well...you two seem.....close.
B: Like i said, we're good friends....and we're the lead in the play...we have to be good friends!
E: Yes, West Side Story....kind of appropriate. What does Charles think?
B: Ummm...he's fine with it.
E: Really? I cant imagine him being fine with u sharing a kiss with another man, regardless of it being an on screen kiss.
B: Umm...well, he doesn't exactly know what the play is....
E: What? u mean he doesnt know about....you having to do West Side Story? Why havent u told him?
B: Well, he's not really interested in that sort of stuff....and he doesnt know about me being vrienden with Zane either...so please dont ever mention today to him, of Zane for that matter.
E: Why do u have something to hide? u know u shouldn't keep secrets!
B: I dont have anything to hide, i just know how paranoid and protective he can be....i dont want him to be suspicious of me...what he doesn't know cant hurt him! And im not doing anything wrong! I love Chuck and would never do anything to hurt him.
E: Well as long as u dont hurt your self that's all that matters. u know how i feel about Charles Bass....if u ask me...this Zane guy is much better.
B: Mother please! Your going to have to accept Chuck one day...I love him and we're always going to be together!
E: (sighs) Blair...when are u going to grow out of u obsessive ways...you know he's no good for you.
B: Im not having this conversation mother...
E: Why because u can never admit your wrong? think of all the destruction he's caused....to himself to u and us as a family!
B: What family! u locked me up mother! He was the only one who accepted me for who i am!
E: u weren't locked up Blair! I was getting u the help u needed...he was the reason u ended up in that bad state!
B: It's in the past mother! Im over it! Get over it too! And u talk about family as if u ever cared for me! Where were u when i was sick! All u cared about was our reputation! It's your fault that id learned to keep it all locked up inside of me...Chuck taught me how to be open and honest with myself!
E: Oh, like your being honest now? About Zane? About this stupid play? Your keeping secrets Blair...you'll never learn.

Eleanor storms off leaving Blair on her own. Eventually Blair walks back to Zane and tells him they are leaving, she wishes Dorota goodbye and they both leave, to return to their hotel and kom bij with the group again. They would be returning home pagina to New Haven that night.

* * * * * * *

Chuck's P.I has arranged to meet with Chuck that night, as he claims to have already found out why the sponsorship deal fell through.
It is past midnight and Blair has returned home pagina to an empty house. She has no idea where Chuck is and is reluctant to call him. After unpacking her things she goes to bed instead.

Meanwhile, Chuck is in his office waiting for the P.I to turn up. He arrives.

C: Well What have u found?
P.I: u were right. As soon as i pursued your father i almost immediately found what u were looking ofr.
C: (looks away) It was him...
P.I: Yes, he set up the sponsorship deal in the first place....made u conveniently catch their eye, they approached u with the deal right?
C: Yes.
P.I: And then he conveniently made the deal fall through. I had someone on the inside tell me he was testing the business owner. You. Its as simple as that.
C: (looks out of the window) thank you. Thats all. u can go now. You'll receive your final payment tomorrow.

The P.I makes his way out. Chuck is distraught, although it didn't come as much of a shock, his suspicions were correct, his father set him up, there was nothing he could do.
Chuck wanted to call Bart there and then and tell him that he knew everything, but he knew that it wouldn't change anything. He needed the business, he couldn't defy his father, because at the end of the dag he needed him. He would have to concede on this occasion, let his father get away with it.
It made him sick that his father could do something so evil but he felt so helpless that there wasn't anything he could do about it, he'd just have to carry on as normal, get the money door the end of the week and prove to his father that he had potential.

Chuck returns home pagina that night, it's around 2am when he finally gets home. He heads straight into the bedroom and is shocked to find Blair fast asleep in their bed. He freezes before walking towards her and kneeling down door the bed side volgende to her, he smiles and strokes her face. he'd missed her so much, he wished that he could just wake her up and tell her everything, just hold her and have her kiss him and tell him that everything would be ok. He wished he could just lie volgende to her and cry in her arms, knowing that he had her and that nothing else mattered. Instead he let a few tears run down his face before getting back up and leaving the room. He felt out of place....he couldn't let her see him in this state...he had to get away from her. He leaves the house and decides to go back to his office, he could stay there until he was ready to face her again.


volgende episode will b up Friday...
 Lonely Boy
Lonely Boy
posted by ChuckBlairLuvA
Okay, so last night I couldn't sleep b/c I had some dialogue running through my head of certain confrontations upcoming with the whole CNVB drama....so I HAD to write it down, and then bevestig it today! =D Hope u find it kinda interesting, please review! =D (and there are meer as I think of them...haha. XD 5 weeks is killer. ;p)

Setting: Prom(ish)

Blair: *breaking down over something...not sure what exactly, sees Chuck* Hold me, Chuck
Chuck: *heart melts for her and he reaches to hold her*
Blair: *snaps back when she feels his skin on her, it scares her* No. I-I can't. You're broken...
continue reading...
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