Gossip Girl Season 2 episode summaries

chameron4eva posted on Aug 05, 2008 at 08:09AM
Ok, well according to Tv.com, here's what's going to happen

2x01 (Summer, Kind of Wonderful)- Summer in the Hamptons!! In the second season premiere, our favourite Upper East Siders endure the Summer heat in the Hamptons. During the trip in the Hamptons, Blair meets a charming new boy hoping to make Chuck jealous, Nate gets involved in a steamy relationship and Serena questions her past relationship with Dan. Meanwhile on the other side of town, Dan gets a job at a local library. Though things don't go according to plan.

2x02 (Never Been Marcused)Spotted, Lord Marcus having a conversation with his mother? The identity of Lord Marcus's mother is revealed - which leaves our favourite Upper East Siders shocked. Nate and Serena get closer. Chuck and Lord Marcus begin an unexpected friendship and Blair makes a revelation.

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een jaar geleden Praesse said…
You should post this on the Season 2 Spoilers forum, we're all posting everything there and It makes it easier to find ;)