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dermer4ever posted on Oct 11, 2008 at 02:54AM
So I put this on the oth spot so I thought I would put it here. So all you do is you list the main characters and have to list something that you hate about them. It doesn't matter if you like them or not it is really good idea and I am sure you can come up with some good ideas. Just copy and Paste the characters listed and put what you hate about them. If I forgot some one just let me know and I will fix the list.


Gossip Girl 5 antwoorden

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een jaar geleden ChuckBlairLuvA said…
Blair-she doesn't think before she acts most times

Chuck-When he wants something he doesn't consider others' feelings until after the damage is done

Serena-she doesn't want to tell the truth, if she knows it's gonna hurt someone (yeah it sounds good in theory, but you should always tell people the truth)

Jenny-she thinks too highly of popularity, she's a good girl at heart and shouldn't be trying so hard

Dan-he's too judgemental/self righteous at times

Rufus-he pretends certain things aren't true when he doesn't want them to be

Nate-he moves from girl to girl too quickly (at least in season 2)

Vanessa-she's a bit impatient

Eric-he's gay (lol. sorry...but I really don't think there is anything that really bothers me about him)

Lily-she's too overprotective/jumps to conclusions

(I don't know if it's necessarily a good idea to list all the hated features of characters and this was EXTREMELY HARD for me...but somehow I managed. ;p)
een jaar geleden nole_chick16 said…
BLAIR- I hate when she's not bitchy enough

CHUCK- I don't like his willingness to "rape" people

SERENA- I don't like how now that she has changed her ways since being with Dan. She doesn't seem to understand and appreciate the way her friends act and she used to act the same.

NATE- Does not seem to be able to make decisions for himself

VANESSA- Never gives anyone the benefit of doubt

DAN- Swears he knows what he is doing or talking about and has no clue. And the fact that he has turned into a complete slut bag since losing his virginity and will probably get some type of STD

JENNY- A really stupid bitch who uses people just so she can attempt to fit in a world that she will never be accepted in AND HURTS THE PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY DO CARE ABOUT HER!!
een jaar geleden Leightonfan said…
Blair- When she was with Marcus
Chuck- Not thinking of other people's feelings
Serena- Being two faced and noth really thinking about other people's feelings anymore
Jenny- Trying to hard to fit in
Dan- When he's to boring
Rufus- When he's to boring
Nate- Jumps from girl to girl without a care in the world
Vanessa- When she is being to nosy
Eric- When he is boring
Lily- Being to protective
een jaar geleden heyther0689 said…
Blair - When she looks vulnerable, like after serena puts the scarf around her shoulders.

Chuck - When he was an ass to dan.

Serena - When she acts like shes the shit and knows it, and we she starts acting like a crat towards blair

Jenny - When she acts all innocent and dumb, or hardcore and cool. There is no middle with her.

Dan - When he acts like a whore.

Rufus - When hes with that ugly asian chick or when he was with alison.

Nate - When like he acts like an idiot (aka when he gets mad at chuck for giving his mom money)

Vanessa - when she acts like a know it all.

Eric - never

Lily - never
een jaar geleden LittleDancer123 said…
Blair- Ermm. Damn too hard. Ermm. When... Ermm. I don't know just yet... pass :o)

Chuck- When he says derogatory things to Blair... like at the bar in 1x13 and after grr Serena patronisingly put that grr scarf on Blair in 2x04. Just admit you love her damnit!!

Serena- The way she gets over problems; Georgina, turn into an intense party girl and get wasted, worrying her friends sick. Dan, turn into an intense bitch and degrade and humiliate her best friend. She just takes things too intensely when she needs to get over problems... Though I must admit she helps people with theirs very well. At least in Season One. Meh.

Jenny- When she tries to be something she's not... underneath she is surprisingly sweet, she's just threatened and tries a little too hard to make something of herself and goes about it the wrong way.

Dan- He jumps to conclusions too easily, and that makes him judgemental.

Rufus- He can get over protective, though as a general rule I think he's a good father.

Nate- How he was so mad, so rude, so degrading to Blair for doing the same thing he did to her, even though SHE did it when they were broken up, so actually what he did was worse.

Vanessa- Intereferes too much. Sorry.

Eric- Ermm. Hmm. He's not my favorite character, but I can't think of anything wrong with him.

Lily- She struggles to give people a chance; she told Serena she had spent her time at boarding school doing "God knows what with God knows who" when she had worked hard at boarding school to move on, She kept Eric in the Ostroff Centre for longer than necessary because she didn't know what to do after he'd tried to commit suicide, when all she needed to do was let him come home, keep an eye on him and give him a chance, She tried to send Serena to reform school before hearing her explanation on the sex tape, even though she saw Georgina at the beginning setting the camera up before Serena even got there... yeah. That's just my opinion lol.

But there's no character I actually hate. Except Hazel. But she's not a main character so meh.

Lovess, LittleDancer-123x