Gossip Girl Promo for Carnal Knowledge

kiki_rox posted on Jan 25, 2009 at 12:55PM
Hi, I've been looking for the promo and I can't find it!!! Does anyone know where I could see it???

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een jaar geleden waldorf said…
Well, they're evil so we don't have a promo yet... very sad and mean, lol.

Hopefully we'll get it on Monday. :)
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een jaar geleden kikibass said…
ya, it will be on after they show the re-run of 2.13 and then we have to wait another week.
een jaar geleden kiki_rox said…
Oh no! Uh they are mean :(
een jaar geleden xSOFAx said…
you probably allready found promos.. but you can find them on gossipgirlinsider.com :)