Gossip Girl vos, fox News Spins Gossip Girl Failed Censorship to National Call for Book Challenges

jana84 posted on Jun 15, 2009 at 08:28PM
Hey guys!

My name is Jana. I'm completing an Internship at NCAC (Nation Coalition Against Censorship)at the moment. I've just heard some news about "Gossip Girl" that could be interesting for you:

In today’s morning news’ segment “Unfit to Print” [link"gossip+girls"], Fox News interviewed two parents calling for removal of Gossip Girl and other young adult fiction from the youth section of the Leesburg, Florida public library. While the public library has voted to keep the contested books on the shelves, parents Dixie Fechtel and Diane Venetta argue that the books should be pulled from the 12+ young adult section. In the video, Venetta states, “This is not about censorship” and calls upon “parents to go and see what’s in the youth section of your public library.”

The Kids’ Right to Read Project has supported the Leesburg library in its effort to retain the books where they are in the youth section, noting that the Constitution “prohibits the public library from censoring material because some people find it offensive or distasteful. The public library’s role is to serve the entire community, not to reflect or cater to any specific viewpoint.” [link

We hope you can help us in spreading the word about this disturbing call for book challenges across the country and to uphold young adult’s right to read (even young adult fiction!)



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een jaar geleden firetears said…
*tisk tisk*
These soccer moms just won't quit until it becomes illegal for kids to eat meat.