Gossip Girl One Word That Describes These Couples;

HotStunner posted on Aug 09, 2009 at 04:07PM
You Have To Say One Word For Each Of These Couples; Il Start First

Chuck And Blair - Epic
Serena And Dan - Past
Nate And Blair - SoLastSeason
Serena And Nate - MeantToBe

No Rude Words And Please Be Nice Thank You

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een jaar geleden iLoveChair said…
Chuck and Blair - EPIC
Serena and Dan - Boredom
Nate and Blair - ZeroChemistry
Serena and Nate - DumbAndDumber

een jaar geleden 3_ThePretender said…
Chuck And Blair - Perfect <3
Serena And Dan - Dull
Nate And Blair - Forced
Serena And Nate - Soulmates
een jaar geleden Jovi_may said…
Chuck and Blair - Destined
Serena and Dan - Mismatched
Nate and Blair - Passionless
Serena and Nate - Inevitable
een jaar geleden leggraaa said…
Chuck And Blair - Flawless
Serena And Dan - Tainted
Nate And Blair - Classic
Serena And Nate - Inarticulate
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een jaar geleden janeywaney said…
Chuck And Blair - forever
Serena And Dan - gone
Nate And Blair - pathetic
Serena And Nate - unknown
No big words, hey, but I'm a blondie ;)
een jaar geleden nevermind606 said…
big smile
Chuck And Blair - PureLoveAndChemistry
Serena And Dan - BlondieStayAwayFromBatdan
Nate And Blair - NairAGrossShavingProduct
Serena And Nate - Idiots(EvenThoughNateIsALoveableOne)
een jaar geleden cintia_cs said…
Chuck And Blair - Hottest.Couple.Ever
Serena And Dan - nauseating
Nate And Blair - incest
Serena And Nate - bleh
een jaar geleden lauren1102 said…
Chuck and Blair - epic/hot.amazing.couple

Serena and Dan - boring

Nate and Blair - incest

Serena and Nate - perfect
een jaar geleden yaknowyaloveme said…
Chuck And Blair - LimoLovers
Serena And Dan - OutdatedThing
Nate And Blair - FakeFairytale
Serena And Nate - NicePicture
een jaar geleden mswaldass said…
Chuck and Blair - Fate
Serena and Dan - zzzzzz (that IS a word for me falling asleep)
Nate and Blair - Annoying
Serena and Nate - Perfect
een jaar geleden mari22 said…
Chuck and Blair - Epic
Serena and Dan - Boring
Nate and Blair - Nosenseatall
Serena and Nate - beautiful
een jaar geleden gurunduce said…
Chuck and Blair - Epic
Serena and Dan - Cute
Nate and Blair - Irrelevant
Serena and Nate - Unknown
een jaar geleden hcaligirl3 said…
Chuck and blair- gag me (no one shoot me plz :/)
serena and dan- i can live with it
nate and blair- book-EPIC, tv-horribly scripted
serena and nate-no. just no
een jaar geleden hcaligirl3 said…
also-why is everyone saying that blair and nate is incest? just wondering, cuz theyre lik not related so...?
een jaar geleden mari22 said…
weird, i dont like nate and blair but they are not incest LOL
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een jaar geleden fashionista44 said…
Chair- Perfect.
Derena - No.
Nair - No.
Sate - Perfect.
een jaar geleden DefineDelicate said…
een jaar geleden LaiaMaria said…
Chuck and Blair: Epic
Dan and Serena : Overdone, Boring and wrong ( they're family!)
Blair and Nate : Forced
Nate and Serena: Soulmates
een jaar geleden serenate_brucas said…
Chuck And Blair - Hot&DestinedLovers
Serena And Dan - HighSchoolLoveNoMore
Nate And Blair - Wrong&GoneForever
Serena And Nate - PerfectForEachOther
een jaar geleden kerinslee said…
chuck and blair- unavoidable
serena and dan- wtf
nate and blair- N/A
serena and nate- golden
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