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OMFG!!!! First of all I used to be both a Nair and a Serenate fan, but then Chair surprised me and I became a Chair lover, I still adore Serenate BUT I´m sooo pissed at the writers right now!! I haven´t been in fanpop in a while but I needed to express how much I hate gossip girl and let everyone know that I won´t watch it from now on, the reason?? I just found out that Serena and Dan are going to get back together for the twentieth time in 4x10 seriously writers WTF???? this was the only thing left to definitely ruin the show, Don´t u think that maybe derena stopped being good and interesting...
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posted by brigmeister30
Just my opinion but i really do think that people over exaggerate how much Vanessa/Jess is hated. Personally I am not too keen on her, but i don't hate her, she's never done anything seriously wrong. People love Jenny and look at all the shit she has caused? and yet everyone complains that Vanessa is hated? People seem to think she is hated because she goes out with Ed Westwick... i ask, are u serious?! Jealous maybe but not hatred. I think the reason she is 'hated' is because she hasnt been gegeven a decent storyline at all of because she isn't an insider.
The Headband Project, a campaign to bring back the fierce writing and characterization that has been sorely lacking from Gossip Girl for some time, especially for the female characters. The toon has created some of the most interesting characters of our time, which is a major reason we got hooked on the show. But now it seems what made these characters great has been thrown out the window, and this bothers us immensely.

Blair, Serena and Jenny used to be the epitome of feminism but now, not only are they dumbed down, they're being treated as weaklings. That is the reason we chose this name for...
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