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foto of the script:I love u Blair!!!!!



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LOL I can't read it xD
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TriineA said:
This is not my translation, but it sounds good :D
I'm not sure this is right, but we can always hope.

Blair: Why?
(Description: Chuck looks at her, honest, real, vulnerable)

Chuck: "Because I'm not Chuck Bass without you..."

Blair: "Uh..That's it?"

(Description: There's a moment, and then...he kisses her! It is the perfect, the love kiss; the kind they used to fear when they were in the game. When they break...)

Chuck: "I love you, Blair."

(Descr.: Blair smiles slow and jumps into his arms. Kisses him again.)
I think it says this...

Blair: "But can you say it again smiling?"

(Descr.: He laughs, and she laughs too. ...(And I can't read the rest because of a page fold)
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cicino1 said:
<3 thanks for posting XD
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