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posted by mimomikomilo
(before i start i should mention gothica is half demon and can transform at will)

"HEEEEEY!! WAAAIITTT!!" Mika screamed and ran after Daria as Daria flew into the air. a trail of red following her. Mika was just about to do the same when she heard a familiar call. "leave her" it was Gothica and she was not happy "if the wuss wants to find her RRB let er" Daria turned around "WHADDID YA SAY?!?" she exclaimed. "Wuuuussssssssssss" zei Gothica calmly as Daria fumed at the mouth. "SAY IT AGAIN!!" "ok" zei Gothica calmly and took in a deep breath and yelled at the top, boven of her voice "WUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!"...
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posted by mimomikomilo
daria twitched nervously. it was unusual for her to be calm for so long. She was watching Gothica insult her then rolling her eyes when she twitched again.Gothica became impatent and shouted "OH COME ON DARIA!! u SISSY!!! YOUR ONLY MEETING YOUR RRB!!" and slapped Daria on the face. Daria stood up and gave Gothica a HUGE scar on her forehead. Gothica moaned and Mika laughed "She needed that good" Daria growled "how long is it gonna be??" "about 2 weeks" mika said. "dont even bother waiting for 'im" Daria shuddered why does she have to wait so long?? She always was the one to wait!!! Daria started to rip apart the nearest object in the park growling. "Hey!!!! I made that for my rrb!!! not fair!!" zei mika angrily and picked up the remains of the used-to-be new teddybear and ran away crying.
"you REALLY have to do that dont you?!?!" zei Gothica "to EVERYONE??" "SHUT UP!!!!" screamed Daria "im gonna find my RRB my self!"

srry this is so short