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 The Goddess of paradigm?...
The Goddess of paradigm?...
Is it just me, of had the art of graffiti all but died? I'm not talking about the mass corporations taking advantage of it because of its urban appeal, I'm talking about the true artform: The tagging, the bombing, the piecin, etc. What we need here is a true revitalization of the craft. We can't just go out and tag anymore.. the government and policing systems of our respective states and nations (if u live here in the states) have got us locked out. Here's where we can start. We need to make a compilation of pieces, done on paper of foto's of wherever u did it, so that we can take it to the masses. Second, we need to sanction gatherings of people interested in revitalizing ang practicing the art, so we can strengthened the art form. I don't want to see the art form die out, and if u hear me, respond...