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 The Pevensies
The Pevensies
Yesterday(when i was boring -veeryy much-)I thought that in the:Prince Caspian,when Aslan tell to Susan and Peter that they can't go back to Narnia Lucy didn't cry(and it's seems very strange to me)...So i imagine that scene(Hope u like it)

Think that after Aslan zei to them(Peter and Susan)that they can't come back they didn't went back to England(because that they did in the movie)
Imagine that they stay for a little bit(maybe they want to goodbye all the soldiers and friends)

*Lucy is sitting alone in a small cliff and she is crying*
(Then Edmund come)

Edmund:Hey,what's wrong Lucy??
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posted by Gretsel
Credit to:Winxlove....I saw her ''list'' in her spot and i want to do something like that (if u haven't kom bij yet here's the link: link

These are some things about me:

-I like Avatar the last airbender
-I love The Chronicles of Narnia(the movies)
-I want to read all the Chronicles of Narnia(books)
-Now i'm reading:The Magician's nephew
-I didn't have brothers of sisters
-But i have a cousin(Peter)who is like my brother(he is 11 years old)
-I live in Greece in a big city
-I live in a flat(i live in the fisrt floor and my cousin Peter in the seconde floor)
-I have 2 names:Maria-Dionysia but they call me...
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posted by Gretsel
 The Pevensies and Caspian
The Pevensies and Caspian
I was adicted to ''The Chronicles of Narnia'' but this jaar meer than any year(lol)...So don't be surprised if u see many artikels of foto's etc from me;-)(haha:-)

Travel us back to Narnia...There we aren't kids...We aren't only kings and queens....We are legends...The legends of the Golden Times of Narnia...

Travel us see again what we left live again a new adventure...And this adventure will be part of our lifes...

Travel us back to Narnia...Cause there we found a lot of purity, true love and strong friendships...Cause there we found ourshelves...We found the Pevensies....How...
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posted by enchanting424
Maria, Mary, of Gretsel, whatever name she has, just knowing her makes me glad. A friend that I trust with all my heart, I knew we would be vrienden right from the start. Having a friend like u can't get any better than this, if u ever left fanpop how surely I would miss...our conversations, your opinions, and your joy, having a friend like u is better than any winx toy (lol) u are amazing and sweet so stay as u are, u shine just as bright as the most beautiful star. Best friend forever, best friend for life, as long as I'm on fanpop, u will never be out of my life, BEST FRIEND FOR ETERNITY, that's all I can say, but mostly I love you
Love your friend,
Jalae <3