Grey's Anatomy Kiss, Hug and Slap

angelrose111 posted on Aug 02, 2013 at 01:32PM
This is a really simple game all you do iis name three characters kiss,hug and slap and then give three different characters for the next person.
Kiss - Alex
Hug - Derek
Slap - Meredith

Have a go with these Mark. Christina, George

Grey's Anatomy 5 antwoorden

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een jaar geleden aidablue8 said…
Kiss - Mark
Hug - Christina
Slap - George

Have a go with Arizona, Izzie and Jackson
een jaar geleden ginamichelle03 said…
Kiss - Arizona
Hug - Jackson
Slap - Izzie

Callie, Alex and Bailey
een jaar geleden alkonyat said…
Kiss Alex
Hug Callie
Slap Bailey

Derek, Jo, Amelia
een jaar geleden Nicolas97 said…
Kiss : Jo
Hug : Amelia
Slap : Derek

Lexie, George and Arizona =]
een jaar geleden teampetrova said…
Kiss: Lexie
Hug: George
Slap: Arizona

April, Alex, Addison