Grey's Anatomy Best word to describe contest! [Round 12]

Cas_Cat_2 posted on Nov 01, 2009 at 02:57PM
This game is going on in a lot of spots, so i thought we could have it here too. =]

It's very easy.
I choose one character per round, and you have to describe that character in 1-3 words (a person can only have one entry per round).
After a few days i will make a pick with all the options given. And then the winner will be on the winners list. =]

Winners List:
Round 1 - Derek Shepherd: McDreamy; link
Round 2 - Izzie Stevens: Strong, sensible, beliving; link
Round 3 - Preston Burke: Cardio god; link
Round 4 - Lexie Grey: Little Grey; link[/i]
Round 5 - Addison Montgomery: Lovable adulteress bitch; link
Round 6 - Alex Karev: Dr. Evil Spawn; link
Round 7 - Miranda Bailey: The Nazi; link
Round 8 - Owen Hunt: Hurt, hot, hardcore; link
Round 9 - Callie Torres: Superstar with a Scalpel; link
Round 10 - Cristina Yang: Sarcastic surgery-addict; link
Round 11 - Denny Duquette: link

[Round 12]
Character: Arizona Robbins.
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