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Paramore-CSI posted on Jan 25, 2010 at 10:40PM
Ok too make the spot more active i decided to make a graphics contest.

How do we do a graphics contest? every second week a new topic will be posted and you just make a graphic for that topic.
example: TOPIC: season 6 icon
so you make an icon with any picture of Grey's anatomy from season 6

Who picks the topics?To make it easier I will pick the topics but I do take requests
Where do we submit our graphics?I am thinking It will be brought to more peoples attention if we post our graphics on the main spot in the images section as Grey's graphic contest round____ and then post the links in this spot!and if you want you can also post the graphic here!

How long do we have to post our graphics 2 weeks and that is the cut off date

How do we participate? Just tell me to add your name to the list of participants

what happens if we are busy and have to drop out? Just tell me and I will take you off the list

How many participants can join? for now I will say 5 but if we find that is too little I will change it!

what are the graphic sizes?
fanart:anysize as long as not the size of a banner, icon or header or wallpaper

How do you decide the winner?I will make a pick in this spot and the members of this spot will decide!!

If you have anymore questions ask me!!!!

Voting Rules
-----how well the theme is portrayed
Not if you dislike the person making it or because they are your best friend!or do not like the ship or character they picked
and no voting for your self

SO lets start::
Icons any character

banners: any ship(couple)

have fun
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