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What's Your Favourite gitaar Hero: Warriors of Rock (GH6) Song?

I Have Quite A Few Myself...

Fury of The Storm






The Feel Good Drag


And Many More...
And deffo Nemesis :) I also love all the difficult songs for some reason... >.<
dXcFan14 posted een jaar geleden
And also Nemesis... I adore trying the most difficult songs again and again for some reason :) I guess I just like a challenge ;)
dXcFan14 posted een jaar geleden
My favoriete is Bodies door Drowning Pool. >:) Cause it's epic.
CelesteHedgie posted een jaar geleden
 dXcFan14 posted een jaar geleden
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knuklesismine said:
Psychososial, im listining to it right now... door slipknot,defenitly!!!XD

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posted een jaar geleden 
GT_Rico03 said:
Psychosocial dude. Who In the Creative Galaxy doesn’t like Slipknot.
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posted ·11 maanden geleden 
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