gitaar hero is a game that let's u rock out to you're favoriete songs and makes u feel like you're on stage. Of course it will never beat the real thing but for people who don't have time to learn a real instrument, this game will give u a good experience. If u don't know the game is based on trying to play notes as they come door on a moving track. u have five buttons corresponding to the five colored rings on screen. To hit a note simply hold down the corresponding button and then flick as the note comes buy to hit it. It sounds complicated for beginners but once u reach expert and start doing songs like dragonforce (which could be a long of short time depending on who u are, for me it took a few weeks) u will start to have a lot of fun. The game kept growing up popularity up to 3 and 4 and started to lose fans to 5.


As u may know, there are A LOT of gitaar hero games, I have them all and can answer any vragen about any of them. The games are: gitaar hero 1, gitaar hero 2, gitaar hero 3, gitaar hero world tour of 4, gitaar hero 5, and the single band based games like gitaar hero aerosmith, gitaar hero metallica, gitaar hero smash hits, gitaar hero busje, van halen, band hero, and DJ hero. All have different song lists and give variety.

Which one should u buy?

Well if your not a fanatic like I than u probably want band hero, the songs are easier which is bad if you're an expert player but good if you're a beginner. If you're a pro gitaar hero 3 offers the best for guitar, for drums try rock band as the drums on gitaar hero really aren't the best. gitaar hero 3 has a good variety and the best downloads for expert players. It has up to 4 dragonforce songs on it and they are all fun.

Down loadable content:

Well for gitaar hero there really aren't any good downloads except for gitaar hero 3 if you're a expert but for beginners rock band has meer variety and a good difficulty range. gitaar hero's downloads are good but not good if u want variety.

Why do this review?

I don't know I feel like reviewing something.


If u haven't tried gitaar hero of rock band I say give it a try, if u like gitaar get gitaar hero, if u like singing and drums get rock band. The gitaar hero and rock band battle has been going on forever and eventually both games will die but they are sure lasting a long time. Remember that REAL INSTRUMENTS are better and that this is only to get that rocker feeling and if u play with people u know it can be a lot of fun. Remember u can shred hammer-ons I don't know why but a lot of people don't know that, it makes it a lot easier. I could randt about any section of the games but u can head over to Wikipedia for that, this really isn't one of my ideal reviews but I have nothing else to and with that zei I should get off and get out.