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This Video Has 2 Mermaid Spells , I Made It .. Hope u Guys Like It ! < 3
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Omg :O ... that episode where charlotte snatches the halsketting, ketting from cleos neck is shockin !! haha .. she was bang out of order doing that!! no need in it at all!! .. fair enough it did belong to charlottes grandma but there was still absolutely no need in doing it.. it was just spiteful :@ .. imagine ow cleo must of felt wen she did da :O and then for charlotte to lie to lewis saying she just gave it her .. come off it !! And too fink tht emma cleo and rikki were going to let charlotte into their group :@ .. i am soo glad charlotte aint a mermaid no meer !! .. i hate her !! ..
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ALL FAKES of Replicas! All on the web sites I've seen are not REAL has a mood stone in it, and a little roze bag, it comes in a plastic sealed packet. is shaped like a shell, but upside down. ONLY THE REAL ONE HAS THE POWER!!!
the real
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halsketting, ketting
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In this video u will see H2o behind the scenes as thy mess up their lines and parts in various episodes.
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h2o just add water the heat is on
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h2o just add water the siren effect
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