It seems that this is the week where things that bother me come to the surface. Those things may seem silly to you, but they aren't to me. Since we're on Fanpop, I'll talk about what bugs me on here. Fanpop 4, u can stop reading. It has nothing to do with the site itself. It bugs me that I'm doing effort for fanpop users spots, while they won't do anything in return. Sure, some of u give props, but at some point that's not enough anymore. I help keep your spots active. Who's keeping my spot active? Me, and my best friend. And that's it. I asked one of u to post their afbeeldingen on my spot. So far, I've only seen four afbeeldingen of zei person. Guess it was too much to ask. And don't give me the 'i don't have time' excuse. I go to work, work out, study, grocery shopping, I'm writing a novel, and I still find time to help keep your spots alive and active. It baffles me that none of u (with exception of Katie) has the decency to return the favor. I'm sorry if I sound mean and harsh, but I've had a crappy week, and I had to get this off my chest.