This time I decided to include some non-horror; one comedy and two meer actiony ones. Because let's face it, not everyone wants a scar on Halloween. some people just want a feel good Halloween movie.

5. The Lost Boys

I mean this is just another one that I feel is kind of a Halloween/Gothic classic. For that reason I placed it at 5 on my list. That and ya gotta have a good vampire movie for Halloween. And I'm talking about the cool vampires.

4. Tomi Unlimited

Japanese horror at its finest. To be honest I cannot even begin to describe this one. For me it was a series of horrifying scenes that vaguely made sense. It was a frighteningly bizarre adventure. And when I say frightening I mean it was scary. I can't exactly say why because that would spoil it. But the basic premises is that a girl's dead sister comes back and oddly enough the girl is the only one who seems bothered door it. Her parents are acting like it's perfectly normal while Tomi (the dead sister) is doing all of this weird shit such as her head rising out of the garbage can. There's also a really freaky bathroom scene. And just when u think things can't get any weirder things escalate quickly. But again I can't really say anything without spoiling it. You'd just have to watch.

3. Mama

This movie is another good one. It's what I call a beginner's horror movie. It's chiling but it is't too scary. Like it has it's moments and is frighting enough to keep u intrigued but not enough to keep u awake at night. Basically these kids get lost in the woods and go feral. They are taken in door a woman and that's when things get crazy. Because they picked up a spirit from the woods who tagged along with them.

2. The Crow

Holy hell, I gotta admit I literally just finished watching this one and it is every gothic's dream. It's action packed and a thrill ride from beginning to end. The characters are kickass and crazy. Basically this guy and his wife were murdered on Halloween (worry not, no spoilers, this is the very first scene) and the dude comes back to take vengeance. It's not horror but there are some sensitive themes in there. No less its gothic nature makes it a perfect Halloween watch for me.
I also gotta admit that I initially watched this one because I adored the soundtrack. Low and behold, the movie was great too.

1. Hocus Pocas

This movie is one of my favorieten to watch on Halloween. I adore Winifrid, Mary, and Sarah, they are just such unique and hilarious characters. Pretty much all of the characters are. The movie is funny through and through. And it pretty much embodies Halloween. This one is just a classic and naturally it had to make the list.