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danac001 posted on Dec 07, 2011 at 10:10AM
I see there is some cheap LV bags sold online. I see the price is attractive, but how about the quality.?

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een jaar geleden fionak003 said…
The genuine LV bags are offered with high price. I don’t think they have special design. I will never spend money on such things.
een jaar geleden elvirabe said…
I buy LV, Gucci, Chanel bags, but not for myself. My girlfriends like these bags. Sometimes I buy counterfeit bags for them, jokely they don’t doubt about them. What great quality the counterfeit are. Hahahahahahahahaha.
een jaar geleden edenbeck said…
I used to buy such cheap bags for my mother as birthday gift. I remember it costs me nearly 350 dollars. Quality is ok.
een jaar geleden barrycook said…
How can LV be cheap????
een jaar geleden andrewfox said…
Some online stores provide low link. You can search google.
een jaar geleden alfredfin said…
I want a LV bag!!
een jaar geleden florablack said…
I just bought a link at Greathandbag.com. Only cost nearly 350 hundred dollars! I love my Chanel handbag, very beautiful.
een jaar geleden evanh002 said…
You can buy it on Christmas. Lots of store will offer low discount LV bags. Why not buy on that day??
een jaar geleden taycassie said…
I prefer Gucci! gucci is fashiionable, extravagant. I don’t like LV.
een jaar geleden kop789987 said…
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een jaar geleden joshefmayer1 said…
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een jaar geleden alicekarrylady said…
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