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Loonwolf posted on Aug 14, 2011 at 02:40PM
I study audio/visual synchronicity. This usually involves playing a music album as the soundtrack to a film, and the audio and video coincide extremely, usually approaching 100% coincidence.
I decided to try 'Hannah Montana' the album with 'Hannah Montana The Movie' and it worked perfectly, except track 6 is moved to a different place. Also note the album begins either 15 seconds before the actual film starts, or 15 seconds after the Disney logo starts. (The clue is the number 15 on Miley's shirt at the start.)
Here is a playlist of the first 8 songs...


The story told by the album is exactly the same as the story told by the film. What do people think, did they do this intentionally?

Not everyone is able to 'get' this, and it makes more sense the more times you watch, as you don't see all the coincidence at first. I might show a summary of how each of the songs line up, with pictures if possible, but it goes like this...

1. The Best Of Both Worlds - Introduction to regular girl Miley becoming Hannah.
2. Who Said - The rise to becoming a superstar.
6. I Got Nerve - The cheeky reporter interrupts the flow of her life.
3. Just Like You - Hannah gets everything she wants and Miley is turning into a regular celebrity.
4. Pumpin' Up The Party - Hannah hijacks Lilly's party (and Rico uses compressed air).
5. If We Were A Movie - Miley falls out with Lilly and her father, but it all works out in the end because it IS a movie. :)
7. The Other Side Of Me - Hannah is taking over, and is forced to experience her Miley side.
8. This Is The Life - Miley begins to enjoy the real life.

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een jaar geleden Loonwolf said…
It seems I'm not able to post pictures here, so here are a few examples...

"You get the limo out front. Hottest styles, every shoe, every colour."
First line, with the first scene being cars and shoes.

"Who said I'm not electrified..."
Hannah suddenly becomes an image on a TV screen.

"Who said I can't be worldwide... who said I can't be ten feet tall..."
Hannah suddenly jumps to a new location, and looks like she is growing into a giant.

"What I said you heard..."
We see a closeup of the reporter's camera, secretly recording their private conversation.

"I've got everything I always wanted..."
Hannah can't decide what she wants to get free at the shop, so ends up getting everything.

"Hey. Get up, get loud. Start pumpin' up the party now..."
Everyone's going crazy for Hannah, and people start getting up on the stage.

"Uh-oh, there you go again talking cinematic. Yeah you! You're charming, got everybody star struck..."
Lilly decides to leave and talk to the reporter when everyone forgets about her and is star struck by Hannah.

"Show the names. Play the happy song..."
Rico holds up the banner saying 'Happy Birthday Lilly'.

"Watching the sunset fade to black..."
The sun is shining through the window and Robbie Ray pulls down the black blind.

"If you could see the other side of me..."
Blue Jeans pulls off Hannah's wig, and she climbs over to the other side of the fence and changes into Miley.

"Take the world shake and stir, and that's what I got goin' on. I throw my cares up in the air and I don't think they're comin' down..."
Miley gets thrown off her horse. Hold on tight. :)

"Takin' in a whole new scene, and I'm swimming with a new crowd. Breakin' down the old four walls and building them up from the ground..."
Miley meets Travis. They will do some accidental swimming and tear down the old chicken house and build it up again.

Virtually every single word is played out on screen as it is sung. Some might not seem obvious at first, but the more familiar you are with what's going on in the film, and the more you think about it the more it makes sense. Even every little thing synchronises. For example...

"Without the shades and the hair you can go anywhere."
Miley tells her dad to get out of the dressing room while she gets undressed.

"Getting together and we're on fire."
Hannah rubs her fingers together like trying to start a fire by rubbing two sticks together.
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een jaar geleden Loonwolf said…
It continues. After the first 8 "Hannah songs" the first album ends, and the second one begins 'Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus', as Miley goes home as herself. It's not as thrilling as the first one, but still a lot of fun. But it has a habit of swapping pairs of tracks throughout the album. It still works with the tracks in the original order, but not as well. The story is told as follows...

1. We Got The Party.
We meet Miley's fun-loving family, singing away and having a great time.

2. Nobody's Perfect.
Robbie Ray accidentally destroys all the plates, and Miley begins to wonder about herself.

4. Rock Star. 3. Make Some Noise. (Interchangeable)
Miley tries to be the regular useful girl (and puts on a little show for the chickens), and Lorelai is able to repair cars.

5. Old Blue Jeans.
The reporter doesn't recognise Hannah when she's disguised as Miley in her old blue jeans.

6. Life's What You Make It.
Miley and Travis rebuild the old chicken house.

7. One In A Million.
A romance begins to form between Miley and Travis, and also between Robbie Ray and Lorelai.

8. Bigger Than Us.
Everyone joins together to try and do something to save Crowley Meadows. Reference: The developer says they can only do it if they get The Beatles, who were called "bigger than Jesus". :)

9. You And Me Together.
Hannah returns, and Miley and "Hannah" are together in the same place at the same time.

10. True Friend.
"Hannah" is revealed to be Lilly, and they make friends again, and Lilly stays until the end to help out.

12. East Northumberland High.
Miley changes into Hannah to try and tempt Travis, but now he prefers Miley instead.

11. See You Again.
Miley can't wait to go on her date with Travis, and in her crazy Miley way doesn't simply postpone it.

13. Let's Dance.
Miley's date with Travis.

14. G.N.O. (Girl's Night Out).
Hannah/Miley is always missing when she goes out to two seperate events at the same time.

16. As I Am.
Travis and a fan see that Hannah is really Miley in disguise.

15. Right Here.
'Butterfly Fly Away' song. Miley's father has always been there for her, and still is.

18. Clear.
Miley gets up early and sees what she needs to do.

17. Start All Over.
Travis decides to give Miley another chance, and the concert starts like at the beginning of the film.
Miley abandons Hannah and starts all over as herself.

19. Good And Broken.
Miley tried to solve the problems she's caused by messing everything up for herself.

20. I Miss You.
Everybody wants Hannah back.

1. Hannah Montana album 1 - The Best Of Both Worlds (again).
We go back to the start. Miley/Hannah gets to live the double life again and gets the best of both worlds.

5. If We Were A Movie.
End of the film where everything did indeed work out in the end, and the end credits play. Like the start we end with the number 15 coincidentally (tracks 1 and 5). Or just choose whatever song you like for the ending.
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een jaar geleden Loonwolf said…
Fans of ABBA should know 'Hannah Montana The Movie' also synchronises with the ABBA album 'Super Trouper'. It begins at the end then cycles back to the beginning at the moment when a clock appears on screen. This is common, and represents the way the albums are circular, so for example an album with 12 tracks goes straight back to track 1 at the end, like a clock going around forever.

Comparing the songs as they play side by side, both synchronising with the same video reveals some interesting parallels between the albums...

Begins 'The Way Old Friends Do' (compare 'True Friend', instead of 'The Best Of Both Worlds').
(clock cycles back to 1)

Who Said - "Who said I can't be Superman? Who said I can't be president?"
Super Trouper - "Super trouper... feeling like a number one."

Just Like You - "I've got everything I've always wanted."
The Winner Takes It All - "The winner takes it all."

Pumpin' Up The Party - "Get up, get loud, start pumpin' up the party now."
On And On And On - "I was at a party... On and on and on. Keep on rocking baby 'til the night is gone."

If We Were A Movie - "If we were a movie."
Andante, Andante - "I am your music, I am your song."

The Other Side Of Me - "If you could see the other side of me, I'm just like anybody else can't you tell?"
Me And I - "We're a funny combination, me and I. I don't think I'm different or in any way unique. Think about yourself for a minute and you'll find the answer in it. Everyone's a freak."

Here's a summary of how it synchronises...

THE WAY OLD FRIENDS DO (story introduction)
Miley and Lilly can't get into the concert, but manage to get through.
"You and I can share the silence
Finding comfort together
The way old friends do
And after fights and words of violence
We make up with each other
The way old friends do
Times of joy and times of sorrow
We will always see it through
Oh I don't care what comes tomorrow
We can face it together
The way old friends do"
(Compare: 'True Friend')

Hannah puts on a concert.
"Facing twenty thousand of your friends
How can anyone be so lonely?
Part of a success that never ends
Still I'm thinking about you only
There are moments when I think I'm going crazy
But it's gonna be alright
Everything will be so different
When I'm on the stage tonight"
Compare: 'Who Said'

Miley messes up the volleyball game and falls, but becomes winner Hannah to get some rewards.
She can't decide what she wants so gets everything, but has to fight for it.
"I was in your arms thinking I belonged there,
I figured it made sense, building me a fence,
building me a home, thinking I'd be strong there,
but I was a fool, playing by the rules.
The gods may throw a dice, their minds as cold as ice,
and someone way down here loses someone dear."

The winner takes it all, the loser has to fall,
it's simple and it's plain, why should I complain."
Compare: 'Just Like You'

Lilly's birthday party.
"I was at a party..."
Lilly was talking to a guy, but as Hannah arrives he forgets her and goes after the star.
"Over in the corner
I could see this other guy
He was kinda flirty
He was giving me the eye
So I took advantage
Of the fact that I'm a star
Shook my hair and took
A casual stroll up to the bar
And as sure as hell
This guy was coming up to me
He said, who am I and
Who are you and who are we?"
Hannah gets up on stage and the crowd goes wild as she puts on a concert.
"On and on and on
Keep on rocking baby
'Til the night is gone"
Compare: 'Pumpin' Up The Party'

Miley wants to be the pop star all the time, but her father tricks her into going home.
"I'm your music
I'm your song
Play me time and time again and make me strong
Make me sing, make me sound
Andante, Andante
Tread lightly on my ground
Andante, Andante
Oh please don't let me down"
Onto aeroplane: "And let me float away"
Back on the ground: "Tread lightly on my ground"
Compare: 'If We Were A Movie'

Miley/Hannah is having trouble keeping her two personalities balanced.
Her father forces her to change into Miley to prevent Hannah taking over.
"Sometimes when I'm mad
There's a part of me that seems to be a little sad
Sometimes when I scream
There's a voice in me that says, "You shouldn't be so mean"
Oh no, oh no
Part of me is acting while the other stands beside
Yes, I am to myself what Jekyll must have been to Hyde

We're like sun and rainy weather
Sometimes we're a hit together
Me and I
Gloomy moods and inspiration
We're a funny combination
Me and I
I don't think I'm different or in any way unique
Think about yourself for a minute
And you'll find the answer in it
Everyone's a freak"
Compare: 'The Other Side Of Me'

Miley arrives at her grandmother's birthday party, who is one year older.
"It's the end of the party..."
Everyone's having a great time together, but Miley doesn't feel like joining in at first.
"Happy new year
Happy new year
May we all have a vision now and then
Of a world where every neighbour is a friend
Happy new year
Happy new year
May we all have our hopes, our will to try
If we don't we might as well lay down and die
You and I"
Broken plates...
"Seems to me now
That the dreams we had before
Are all dead, nothing more
Than confetti on the floor"
Compare: 'We Got The Party'

Miley remembers her mother.
"I can still recall our last summer
I still see it all
Walks along the Seine, laughing in the rain
Our last summer
Memories that remain"
(Compare: 'I Miss You')

1. Robbie Ray the old star...
"They came from the hills
And they came from the valleys and the plains
They struggled in the cold
In the heat and the snow and in the rain
Came to hear him play
Play their minds away"
2. The children have come to watch Jackson play with the animals...
"They came from the south
From the west and the north and from the east
They waited for the man
Like a parish is waiting for the priest
Longed to hear him play
Play their minds away"
3. The developer has come to tempt the people with his shopping centre...
"He gave them a dream
He seduced everybody in the land
The fire in his eyes
And the fear was a weapon in his hand
So they let him play
Play their minds away"

Miley attacks the reporter with chilli, who desperately needs a drink from a dog.
"It was like shooting a sitting duck
A little smalltalk, a smile and baby I was stuck
I still don't know what you've done with me
A grown-up woman should never fall so easily
I feel a kind of fear
When I don't have you near
Unsatisfied, I skip my pride
I beg you dear..."
She gets him to lay down on the developer's model, then in mud.
"Don't go wasting your emotion
Lay all your love on me
Don't go sharing your devotion
Lay all your love on me"