Harper's Island My fave episodes

katie11 posted on Jul 25, 2011 at 06:05PM

My favourite eps:

St. Elmo's Fire (who died): We get our second episode in a row with multiple deaths. First we lose Reverend Fain in the woods, then Kelly Seaver appears to hang herself, and then Harper's Island's Paris Hilton knock-off, socialite Lucy Daramour, is offed. It was the pits.

Baby Got Back (who died)
Barely-a-character Beth and Cheating Katherine Wellington.

Hollaback Girl (how they died)
It's unclear exactly what happened to Beth, but she is very creepily left in a tunnel underneath the hotel. Katherine is stabbed in the back with a pair of pruning shears.


Barely-a-character Beth
Kind-but-cheating Katherine
Creepy-but-loveable Kelly
Lighting-a-match Lucy
Funny-but-silly Fain!

What's your fave? ^
 My favourite eps: St. Elmo's brand (who died): We get our seconde episode in a row with multiple de

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