Harper's Island Favourite character?

vandeusen posted on Nov 17, 2009 at 06:07PM
Just tell your favourite character!

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een jaar geleden Helen-Lover said…
chloe!! :)
een jaar geleden robothor1111 said…
een jaar geleden freakiin_ruby said…
Trish, Sully & Nikki. <3 :]
een jaar geleden energizerbunny said…

top 5:
een jaar geleden energizerbunny said…
my mom liked jimmy :)
een jaar geleden Linz94 said…
5.Henry :)
een jaar geleden Helen-Lover said…
big smile
1. Chloe!!!!!! - of course
2. Cal
3. Trish
4. Sully
5. Henry : b4 i found out he was the killer! X(
een jaar geleden vandeusen said…
5.Madison (lol)
een jaar geleden yashar_safavi said…
big smile
cal , chloe , sully , danny
een jaar geleden katie11 said…
1. katherine
2. chloe
3. nikki
4. Beth
5. trish
een jaar geleden MLipps said…
1. Abby - I usually hate the typical goody two shoes, but Abby really stood up for her friends and Jimmy, even if she didn't entirely agree with them, and she was strong and brave in her struggle with Wakefield.

2. Jimmy - I usually hate the typical ex-boyfriend, but Jimmy was so charming and had his dark, mysterious edge that I really liked and found intriguing. I also thought it was great that he was smart enough to suspect Henry and fought off Wakefield so Abby could escape.

3. Henry - Henry was great (at the beginning) because he was nice to everyone and really cared for his friends and Trish, even though I always felt something was off about him. The whole Ted Bundy theory.

4. Trish - I usually hate the typical rich girl, but Trish was really nice. She didn't care that Henry didn't have money or that her family disapproved of him. She still loved him. She even defended Henry against her Daddy, and she's Daddy's Little Girl.

5. Cal - Cal kind of reminds me a bit of myself, even though I'm a Canadian girl, but he was smart and had a higher vocabulary and felt left out because of it, and he adored Chloe and stepped up to save her from Wakefield. Also, I really have a thing for British accents.

6. Chloe - I usually hate the typical blond flirt, but Chloe was spunky and intelligent and had a dark side that I found surprising and she really loved Cal.

7. Sully - I used hate the typical frat guy, but I liked Sully even at the beginning because he was funny, even though he was a bit sleazy, and he really cared about his friends and turned into a hero.

8. Danny - I liked how Danny made a turn at the end from a loyal friend to becoming a hero. I also loved when he stepped up and got more badass. Him and Sully had the best bromance ever in the history of TV and movies.

9. JD - JD had this dark edge that I really liked. He was the odd-one-out and didn't care what other people thought of him. Also, him and Madison were cute, creepy friends.

10. Sheriff Mills - He had sarcasm and a tough exterior, but I also felt the emotional torture when he was trying to connect with Abby, who he was estranged with.

11. Booth - I loved how during the scene in Bang where they're trying to decide whether to keep the money, Booth was thinking the most realistically, in my opinion.

12. Nikki - She had sass and was tough as nails and wasn't afraid to speak her mind.
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een jaar geleden alirioaguero2 said…
1. Sully
2. Trish
3. Shea
4. Madison
5. Malcolm
6. Richard
7. Katherine
8. Lucy
9. Abby
10. Booth

But I kind of loved them all, because I love this show overall.
een jaar geleden rubberduck2 said…
een jaar geleden Chloe_ said…
My favourite is Chloe. (Suprise..)
Then I like Danny, Trish and Cal.
een jaar geleden Helen-Lover said…
2. Cal
3. Trish
4. Sully
5. Henry
6. Lucy
7. Abby
8. Jimmy
9. Booth
10. JD or Shane
een jaar geleden HarperIslandFan said…
I'm just gonna say I like them all :D
But heres my top ten list
1. Jimmy
2. Abby
3. Henry
4. Trish
5. Sully
6. JD
7. Danny
8. Shane
9. Nikki
10. Cal/Chloe

and my favorite....
JOHN WAKEFIELD!!! (just kidding) :D
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een jaar geleden katie11 said…
Am i weird coz i like katherine?