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Harry Potter Vs. Twilight Vraag

Which Harry Potter and Twilight characters would u use to describe the following?

Of all the HP and Twilight characters in the boeken and/or movies, who would u use to describe the following:

-Family members
-Etc. (classmates, co-workers, roommates, etc.)

And to make it meer interesting, name a character from each series, even if u don't like the opposing side. u can even name meer than one character per person (i.e. 3 people from HP and 3 people from Twilight for yourself, etc.)


Myself: I'm smart and sometimes bossy like Hermione. I can be sarcastic like Ron and funny like the Weasley twins. I'm also calm like Jasper Hale, yet tough like Leah Clearwater (when I need to be).

Family: My dad is protective like Charlie zwaan-, zwaan and my mom is bossy like Molly Weasley x] My sister would be compared to Rosalie, as in she's spiteful at times, but she has a good hart-, hart and my brother would probably be like Jacob in that he's nice at times, but very stubborn also.

Friends: My best friend irl is a guy, and I only think of him just as a friend, so he's like my Harry Potter. He sees me like a sister too, so I'm his Hermione, I guess. Other vrienden I would compare are to Sam's pack and Fred and George (close and hilarious).
 Gred_and_Forge posted een jaar geleden
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Harry Potter Vs. Twilight Antwoorden

Lunalovely said:
Me: I'm a mix of Hermione and Ron (I'm bossy, smart and sarcastic) and Leah Clearwater (I'm strong and independent)

My Family: My mom is like Esme,always nice and caring. My dad is kinda like Lucius Malfoy, not so good with the whole parenting thing, but he still loves me, and my sister is like Leah Clearwater and James Potter (again, Leah cause she's strong and independent, and like James cause she has a HUGE disregard for the rules)

My friends: My best friend from all time (we've been vrienden since we were 3) is really funny and like a girl version of Fred and George. My other best friend is like Luna Lovegood, she's random, weird, no a lot of people like her, and she couldn't care less
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posted een jaar geleden 
zanhar1 said:
Me: Bellatrix/Luna I'm unique and won't let anyone tell me who to be! I'm hyper and somewhat paranoid and child like. As well as I'm very loyal and devoted.

My mom: Hermione she's really smart and a bit bossy. But she's fun to be around anyways.

My dad: Fred and George he's funny and michivious

My sister: Fluer/Hermione she's really snobby and us smart

My brother: Dudley u know your typical dumb annoying brother

August: Ron he's funny like Ron and really great to be around

Jessica: Trelaweny only because she reminds me of what I believe is a teenage Trelaweny

Kandice: Tonks because she's a bit BA and really cool

Kristi: female Harry she's a brave one she enjoys a good laugh but knows when it's time to be serious

Austian: Sirius he's BA and really supportive of me

Cody: Sirius/Voldemort he's like Austian with a bad side

My grand parents: Dumbledore and McGonagall they both really look out for me and are so so nice

Me: Alice we're both unique and bubbly and like helping friends

My mom: Esme they're both respectable mother figures

My dad: probably Charlie he does wat he can as a dad he looks a bit like Emmet and he likes to think he's BA like James lol

My sister: Jane/Rosalie sassy and I believe slightly evil

My brother: Jasper because he looks like him I don't think his personality goes with any of the characters

My grandparents: Seth and Alice really friendly and nice to be around

August: I thunk they're all a bit to serious for him but he looks a bit like Emmet

Jessica: defiantly Bella clumsy and Edward loving

Cody: Jacob/James a muscular dude BA

Kristi: Jessica/Rosalie u can talk about girly things with her but she's less snobby then Rose

Austin: James sane reason as Cody

Kandice: Victoria she's tough but she isn't mean like Vicky
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posted een jaar geleden 
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