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What can anyone possibly have to say about Twilight?

It's not deep at all. What u see is what u get. There's nothing to figure out. It's not like Harry potter. Tell me what anyone can say about Twilight that's not already obvious?
This is going to be challenging I bet
 classicalexpert posted een jaar geleden
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cassie-1-2-3 said:
u mean like topics of in depth discussion?
There are plenty.

Here are a few I've stolen from other websites:

Bella lies and sneaks to be with Edward. Does this dishonest behavior detract from her attractiveness as a character? Defend your viewpoint.

How does Twilight define good and evil?

Should Edward turn Bella into a vampire? Explain why of why not.

Does Bella meer strongly represent free agency of events being dictated door destiny?

What does Carlisle signify in the novel?

Does Twilight globaal, algemene seem to emphasize fate of free agency?

How can Bella be zei to be, like Edward, meer mature than her contemporaries?

Explain how Rosalie can be seen as Bella’s foil.

How is Bella’s love for Edward an example of true faith?

Is honesty of sacrifice the greater virtue in Twilight?

Why is Bella’s hatred of cold and rainy weather so significant?

How would Bella's life be different without Edward? Would she have found happiness elsewhere? Would this happiness be to the same caliber?

How would u react if u were in Bella's shoes? In Edward's?

How many of the antagonists are actually true villains?

Imagine if this novel had the same themes and plot, but did not involve vampires. Would anything be lost as a result? Would anything be gained?

What if the main roles were reversed? That is, what if Bella was a vampire and Edward a human? How would this change the story? What would essentially remain the same?

Did u see that Jacob would have some sort of involvement as a main character in the future?

What's the significance of the scriptural epigraph (Genesis 2:17) and the cover photo?

Meyer says that the concept of "choice" is an important one to her. How does the book illustrate that concept?

Do u think that Bella is a strong of a weak woman? Is she a good role model for young women? How does she fit with your view of feminism

What about Edward as a role model for young men?

Some of these I tweaked a bit to make meer interesting.
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posted een jaar geleden 
CLAP CLAP CASSIE! vraag answered!
KatiiCullen94 posted een jaar geleden
good answer. Love it.
TrueTwi_hard posted een jaar geleden
This, au contraire to all the debates going on here is actually interesting. A very well deserved best answer!
Quaila posted een jaar geleden
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simpleplan said:
its a book and a movie
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posted een jaar geleden 
TrueTwi_hard said:
To respond to your last sentence at first, I must disappoint you. This is not a challenge, it is starting to get boring. People asking the same thing again and again, and, of course, me, responding to every vraag like this on the same way. It is getting boring.

But, to answer your question, let's start easy.
As u can see, I named myself TrueTwi_Hard. Not because I am true fan of Twilight, as many of u seem to think, but because I am a fan of the true Twilight.
Every book u will ever read has a hidden message in it. Twilight says many things, but the top, boven one is to love, nomather what happens.
Then, to toon that I have really good reasons to love Twilight for what it is, I would like to toon u my article. I cannot copy, it is too long, so if u would be so kind to read it, I would be grateful.


really getting tired of telling people the same thing over and over again...

- TrueTwi_Hard
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posted een jaar geleden 
kkbb97876 said:
It will never come close to being as good as Harry Potter.
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posted een jaar geleden 
siriusblack4eva posted een jaar geleden
KateKicksAss said:
That's your OPINION.

There's really plenty to discuss about it, and about anything out there, even if it's just haters like u talking about how much they DISlike something.
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posted een jaar geleden 
marthatsal said:
If u really want to know the depth of Twilight go to the fanclub "critical analysis of twilight" and u will find out it!
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posted een jaar geleden 
siriusblack4eva said:
Don't even get me started. Twilight's offensive to women, stupid, and what kind of vampires sparkle? Last time I checked, vampires died in sunlight, not turned into a frickin glitter pixie! Alright, I should stop before I hurt someone physically. But, oh my gods, just so stupid. Shirtless boys and woodland fairies. Ickkk. >: (
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posted een jaar geleden 
last i heard, only a few vampires died in the sunlight
youknowit101 posted een jaar geleden
Only a few main characters, but all the other vampires that weren't mentioned died of were at least wounded in the light of the sun.
siriusblack4eva posted een jaar geleden
And I meant that Dracula was in the sun, and didn't die because of it.
cassie-1-2-3 posted een jaar geleden
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