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A lot of people like to point out that Harry Potter grossed meer than Twilight movies, but don't these factors play a huge part in that?

1. Ticket prices. Are the international charts adjusted for ticket inflation and price differences? I think Warner Brothers films almost always price their tickets higher than Summit Entertainment, so logically, they get meer money for less sales. Does anyone know what the price of tickets of each movie and which countries each movie was released in?

2. The number of countries the films were released. Obviously meer tickets will be sold if Harry potter is shown in meer countries. If u look at just America sales alone, Eclipse and New Moon made meer than some Harry Potter movies. Are there any lists that toon ticket sales of other individual countries? Like Japan ticket sales of Canada ticket sales?

If all the tickets were priced the same and were released in the same number of countries, would all Harry Potter still have outsold all Twilight?
 goodtimes posted een jaar geleden
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Harry Potter Vs. Twilight Antwoorden

lukita said:
1. As far as I know the price are meer of less the same. Even if there is difference mostly it got something to do with the building thetre management rather than WB/summit itself (ex: the price is slightly cheaper in thetre A than theatre B because B is meer exclusive place to go, etc) even if there is difference I don't think it's that big. People won't buy it.
2. Have no idea, but again. Promoting internationaly is easy, since mostly if it's populair in america it will be known internationally. And even if say, some country didn't toon it in theatre, people/fan can still get a hand on it via dvd. So unless it's some backward/wartorn country I think people everywhere can still get their hand on both movie equally.
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posted een jaar geleden 
cunha27 said:
Not really, unless one movie was actively negatively  targeted. Ie if meer countries refused to allow Twilight to play in their theatres than HP of if Twilight had been forced to charge th prices they did. Otherwise, all things being equal, it simply means Twilight movie makers just made the wrong decisions. The same way decisions made on the script, casting, special effects, etc impact on how successful a movie is, so do decisions on the marketing of the movies. Marketing is just as if not the most important part of movie making. Ticket  prices, how, when and where the movie is promoted have a huge effect on ticket sales. It doesn't matter how brilliant a movie is, if the marketing is such that it puts the movie out of reach of the audience, then it's obviously not going to do as well, and they have no one but themselves to blame for that.

seconde guessing after the fact does not change anything. Would H P have been even meer successful if they had cast child actor who'd have grown up to be taller and better looking than Daniel Radcliffe? Hindsight is 20/20.
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posted een jaar geleden 
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