Before u read anything: I happen to enjoy both HP AND T. I also happen to think HP is a billion times better. This is just my opinion. No need to freak out about this article. I am NOT trying to undermine T fans' opinions, I am just stating why I (and at least a few others) get annoyed with T fans.

So most of the posts on here have to do with of course, Harry Potter vs Twilight. But after skimming through comments, I found a shocking amount of crazy responses from twilight fans. This got me thinking. Maybe the reason this fued has grown so large is not because of the question: Is Harry Better, of is Twilight? But because of the insane amount of fighting there is between the fans, in the comments, and posts.

I'm sure to T fans, HP fans sound pompous, and stuck up, because we are always parading how, HP is so much meer well written and intelligent, and Twilight is for 14 jaar old girls. (I happen to be a 15 jaar old girl, and am NOT obsessed with Twilight, so yes, it is possible.)

To HP fans, T fans are annoying as heck, way too emotional and not to offend anyone...but lots of their commentaren are not very intelligent. Such as this one, that I read earlier today:

"Well,cedrics voice is exy,but cedric don't pluch his eyebrow.Edwrad is already painted as the sexiest vampire ever so that makes him heaps better.Sorry cedric,but i would rather edwad"

Seriously. I know that many T fans are way better at voicing their opinons than this...but many commentaren are like this. It gets annoying after a while.

I realize there are many people out there that DO NOT fit the stereotypes I just described, but hey, just a thought.

Harry Potter FOREVER.