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Ron-Mioneluver2 posted on Feb 09, 2012 at 02:51AM
This is a forum where you can rant on anything and everything about Harry Potter and Twilight including HP vs. Twilight, what you like about HP, what you don't like about HP, what you like about Twilight, what you don't like about Twilight, etc.

I made this because I am getting tired of seeing reason after reason on the "1000 Reasons why Twilight is Better than Harry Potter," why Twilight sucks and Harry Potter is superior. Sure, I'm not a huge fan of Twilight, but, if you want to do that, do it on the, "1000 Reasons Why Harry Potter is Better than Twilight," page. (Note: This also goes for the Harry Potter page, also.)

So, here you can tell your feelings about Twilight and Harry Potter. You can even have wars here. I really don't care. Just please stop putting this stuff on the Reasons pages. I want to know people's reasons why they think Twilight is better than Harry Potter, not a bunch of Twilight haters saying that Harry Potter is superior.

I am a fan of both books, but I'm more into Potter, and I can sometimes be a Twlight hater, so sometimes my opinions can be biased. I like Twilight, and I think it had a great potential to be a great story, but Stephanie Meyer made too much love in it and not enough action. Personally, I would like action scenes better than mushy-gushy love scenes (although I like those too.)

I will include my opinions from time to time on the discussion. If you are a Twi-hard and you think my opinions are biased, it's because I LOVE Harry Potter (but I do like Twilight) and I feel strongly about it. Sometimes I will get into arguments about it.

Example: If a Twilighter says that Harry Potter has no love in it, I would probably respond like this, "What? There's no love? That's the main theme of the book! Harry couldn't have survived without his mother's love!" I will try not to be harsh abuot it, but if I do, I apologize, because I'm very protective about what I like (or love) like Harry Potter, and I will stick up for it no matter what.

I will mainly join in on conversations about Harry Potter because that is my forte, and I've only read the first book of Twilight. But, don't worry, I will try to read more, and if there is a conversation about New Moon, and I want to join in on it, I will do my research.

So, what are you waiting for, get out there and start ranting! I am dying to hear your opinions!

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