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 Cedric should have been in the last movie
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This Harry Potter Vs. Twilight kunst van een fan might contain teken, poster, tekst, bord, and schoolbord.

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Before u start reading please understand that this is all based on MY opinion and not everyone can think the same.If u are a Twilight fan u don't have to start a fight,just say u disagree and tell us why.

Before,i geplaatst an artikel from someone who made a few reasons on why Harry Potter is better but it got flamed(I'm guessing because it was too direct.) so i decidet to point out my main 5 reaons on why i think Harry Potter is better.

1.Harry Potter character are more..alive.

Harry Potter characters have so much personality,they are interesting because of it.I can tell u so much about...
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Supernatural imitating Twilight.