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All quotes about Rupert Grint

“I have to say, after experiencing so many spoiled young Hollywood stars, it was a pleasure meeting someone so humble, polite, and down-to-Earth.”

-Will Keck

(USA Today, July 2007)

HP Casting Department:

“There is a warmth about Rupert, which is absolutely part of the character of Ron. Ron is kind and thoughtful and slightly insecure, and has a generousness of spirit that I also see in Rupert. There are no short cuts with children. u have to see as many as possible until u find the one who has the spark you’re looking for. I’ll go anywhere – primary schools and youth groups, as well as agents and drama schools. The great thing is that every child knows the characters inside out…”

Karen Lindsay-Stewart

Casting Director, Harry Potter

(Other films: Secret Garden, Madeline)

David Heyman:

“Success has not gone to his head. He is a natural comedian, and his future is what he makes of it. There will always be a need for actors of his great instinct and talent.”

(The Guardian, 27 November 2004)

“And Rupert’s very close to his family, like Ron.”

(Empire Magazine June 2009)

“Rupert is just a natural comedian. I think he will always work.”

(USA Today, July 15, 2009)

“…genuine eccentric.”

(Entertainment Weekly, July 2009)

“And Rupert — Rupert is the most natural comedian of the bunch. I think that he is like an old person in a young person’s body. He is a wonderful eccentric, a distinct original.”

(LA Times Hero Blog Complex, July 20, 2009)

David Barron:

“People I think, underestimate Rupert’s nature; because he is so funny and he makes it look so easy.”

(Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Ultimate Edition, December 2009)

Jane Hirshenson:

“We also screen-tested several candidates for Harry’s best friend, Ron Weasley. At first, Chris and I were on opposite sides of this one. He liked one Ron; I liked the other, who I thought had this adorable goofiness that was just perfect for the hapless but determined Ron. When we looked at the test a seconde time, Chris must have seen what I saw, because he switched his vote. Rupert Grint would play Ron Weasley.”

(A ster Is Found, 2004)

Steve Kloves:

“And Rupert is a kind of genius. I really believe that. I think Rupert is someone who has made lines hysterical that, honestly, I don’t think are that funny.”

(Creative Screenwriting, November/December 2005)

He was pleased to be able to give Rupert Grint, who plays Harry’s best friend, Ron Weasley, room to stretch in “Goblet of Fire”. Grint, he says, is such a natural-born comedian that the filmmakers have to fight the urge to let him become simply the comic relief.

“In ‘Goblet’ – we gave him some brass, which made me very happy. Rupert is amazingly funny, but I didn’t want him to become Abbott to Harry’s Costello.”

(The Los Angeles Times, 20 November 2005)

Chris Columbus:

“We immediately fell in love with Rupert Grint. He’s extremely funny and has such an incredibly warm presence.”

(Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone-Production Notes, 2001)

“Rupert, like Ron, has an amazingly good sense of humor.”

(Time for Kids: World meld edition, 26 October 2001)

“For Rupert, for Ron Weasley, same sort of situation happened. He immediately popped off the screen. Rupert is a very shy kid, but he had this devilish, mischievous quality, and he had a face that I’ve never seen before. I mean he was just unique, in his face was just a wealth of all these emotions. He had a wonderful sense of humor, but also a sense of soul. He really felt, like he was one of the Weasley children, and we all fell in love with him for Ron Weasley.”

(Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Ultimate Edition DVD, December 2009)

Alfonso Cuaron:

“I’ve never seen a young actor with such a brilliant timing for comedy. But that’s Rupert in real life as well. Definitely there’s a career there for both of them (Rupert and Emma) if they want it.”

(Growing up with Harry Potter, The Telegraph, 24 May 2004)

“Rupert is not with us. He is in a happier place called “Rupertland”. He’s a little like Chauncey Gardiner from ‘Being There’. Is he a genius… of is he a fool?”

(Entertainment Weekly, 11 June 2004)

Directing the third Harry Potter movie, Cuaron came away with a strong impression of the red-haired but bashful Rupert Grint as the likely future ster out of the Hogwarts trio. The director noted that it was interesting to observe Grint’s shyness with girls compared to Garcia Bernal’s legendary affinity for the ladies.

(Bay Area Reporter, 28 December 2006)

Mike Newell:

“You might think Rupert was rather dozy, but he’s a glorious comic. He’ll be a name.”

(Telegraph, 28 October 2005)

David Yates:

“He’s always been the funny one, but he has so much meer as an actor than that. In Prince, he has lovely stuff that’s funny and true, but in Deathly Hallows, he must be defensive and haunted, and Rupert took to that like a eend to water. I’m always thankful that Jo Rowling gave us a world that allowed us to turn corners with the actors.”

(Baltimore Sun, April 30th, 2009)

“He has never changed. He’s just Rupert, really laid-back and cool. He’s the coolest person I know. He’s so relaxed.”
(USA Today, July 2009)

“Rupert is such a natural comedian,” Yates affirms. “He was always coming up with surprising little things that made us all laugh. So it was a real thrill to direct him in the comedy scenes, which is something I didn’t really have an opportunity to do on ‘Order of the Phoenix.

(Warner Bros., July 21th, 2009)

“There will be so many happy memories of the people I’ve worked with. Rupert Grint’s corpsing [cracking up during a take] will stay with me for the rest of my life. He is a terrible corpser and he always tries to hide it. I was doing a shot today where he walks towards Emma — he started to go before he was within seven feet of her and then tried to hide behind her so we couldn’t see. It’s so sweet.”

(Total Film Magazine, August 2009)

“I’ve sat in screenings with audiences who’ve watch what Rupert can do, and he obviously connects with them really brilliantly. That’s the comfort zone the audience had with him. It’s Rupert; he’ll be funny, and appealing. But, he can do really serious, straight stuff. And we’re seeing stuff Rupert do in the Hallows part 1 and Hallows part 2 which is really grown up and dark. u watch and, oh God, it’s really powerful.”

(Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Ultimate Edition, December 2009)

JK Rowling:

“I’ve just come along to support Rupert who’s absolutely terrific in Driving Lessons.”

(The Mirror 8 Sept 2006)

“I was at the thee party for Driving Lessons, though, so this isn’t pure fiction. The journalist reports that I zei that Rupert is ‘absolutely terrific’ in the film. He is, so that bit shouldn’t be in the rubbish bin at all.”

(JKR’s Official Website 2006)

Robbie Coltrane:

(Coltrane singles out Rupert Grint, the 13-year-old who plays Harry’s best friend Ron Weasley, to praise his acting craft)

”Rupert, I would say, is the most natural performer. He has the most beautiful comedy timing I think I’ve seen in a child.”

(Calgary Sun, 13 November 2001)

David Thewlis:

…Thewlis thinks it will be difficult for them (the trio) to have acting careers outside the series.

“The most likely is Rupert. I think he’s the most natural actor. He’s the oldest of the three. I can imagine him moving on.”

(Sydney Morning Herald, 08 June 2004)

Dan Radcliffe:

“Me and Rupert, we have ‘surreal’ conversations.”

“The thing about Rupert is, we’ve known each other for a long time, but we don’t know each other particularly well. He’s a cool guy and very funny, but I’ve never really become that close to him. I think it’s because he’s actually a bit older than me, and when I’m off at school he’s doing his own things, so I don’t know what we have as much in common anymore.”

(Movie Magic 2006)

“I usually do not make any commentaar on postings on websites. However, I have been made aware that a simple answer I gave in an interview to ‘Weekly Reader’ regarding my relationship with Rupert has sent people into a maelstrom of speculation. It has shocked me that the words “I don’t spend much time with Rupert” has been interpreted in so many grossly inaccurate ways.

FACT: I like Rupert, I get on with Rupert, we are vrienden and when we are on set together we have a good laugh. We don’t spend much time together off set – because there isn’t any! Those of u who are familiar with GoF will know that there are many scenes in which Ron doesn’t appear. Also, I am still at school and when I am not on set filming, I am in tutoring, and when Rupert is not needed for filming, he is not in the studio. But, we are good vrienden and any suggestion otherwise is wrong.”

We do sometimes have those moments of life imitating art…I mean, Rupert’s quite quiet sometimes so I don’t know that he’s like Ron in that way.”

(Empire Magazine June 2009)

Dan: “We must have done it 20 times, because we couldn’t stop laughing. Me and Rupert are still pretty terrible at corpsing. I’ve got a lot better, but Rupert’s awful…”

( ITV Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Special July, 2009)

“And Rupert, particularly, is going to have a field dag in this one because he’s got fantastic comic timing and he’ll be able to use all of that to great effect on this one, through his relationship with Lavender Brown.”

(Famous Magazine July, 2009)

Emma Watson

“I love Rupert because he has the best comic timing of anyone! I think he’s absolutely hilarious. He can make me laugh like no one else.”

(Girl’s Life Magazine-)

“Rupert is Magic.”

(Daily Record- September 2006)

“Kissing Rupert’s going to be sooo awkward,” Watson says, screwing up her cute rosy-cheeked face. “I’m trying not to think about it … it’s all part of the job I guess. Don’t tell him I zei that. Rupert’s lovely. Girls would probably give their left arm to be in my position, so I’m certainly not complaining.”

(The Sydney Morning Herald, July 7th 2007)

…yes, he actually does. I can understand why u might think he’s joking but he’s perfectly serious.That’s just Rupert, that’s kind of his sense of..like, he’s just crazy, u know, he’s just mad., like uhm, yeah,and when i say he drives an ice cream van, it’s not just like he drives it, it actually has like the ice cream, it has the chocolate flakes and it has the toppings and the sweets, it’s fully stocked ice cream busje, van so i just think it’s kinda like a fun thing for him to have so i think it’s so cool…..”

The Scotsman, 22 February 2006

“Rupert’s very laid back.”… “He’s actually quite shy. I know that’s hard to believe, but he’s less comfortable than Dan. Dan’s the entertainer, the performer. He’s very comfortable with an audiance. He’s very good at interviews. He’s very articulate. He likes to get a laugh whereas Rupert’s a bit meer shy, and it takes longer to get to know him. That doesn’t mean that Rupert is any less a nice guy. He’s the one to watch because he will lull u into a false sense of security, and then he’ll come out with an absolutely killer one-liner and have everyone roaring with laughter. He’s a very good comedian in that sense….”

FilmInk, June 2009

Matthew Lewis:

“Megan: while we are on the subject of the set, haha What is Rupert’s game room like, everyone says it�s really awesome!? Have u actually seen Emma beat Dan and Rupert at ping-pong? Have u ever played against her?
Matt: Rupert’s got a pretty good room. tafel, tabel tennis, darts, pool.
Megan: that would be so fun!
Matt: It’s definitely the place to be if you’re bored of u wanna wind down
Megan: haha yea i’d imagine”

“Matt: But saying that though, Dan and Rupert are always a good laugh and we like the same muziek and comedy”

(www.lewislovers.com-May 14, 2009)

“I remember laughing so much that dag (at one of the drama workshops set up door Mike Newell)… Rupert’s (improv skit) was really funny, I remember it. I think he was playing some old man and was also a geek at the same time… He’s so funny, the impressions that he does are great… I really laughed my head off at Rupert.”

(The Leaky Cauldron’s Pottercast-September 27, 2005)

“Rupert Grint is exactly like his character Ron, in that they are both incredibly funny, friendly, and loyal.”

(Dragon*Con Interview – August 30-31, 2008)

Evanna Lynch :

“He’s just so like, so chilled out. And easy to talk to and, and, and, funny as well, u know? And u just, u like talking to him. But then he doesn’t have that thing that Rupert (Evanna may have meant Ron here) has where sometimes he feels like a bit, seconde to Harry. Rupert’s cool with whatever, u know, he’s just there.”

(The Slate Movie Blog voice interview, July 9, 2009)

Tom Felton :

“Rupert is rather shy.”

(HBP Press Q&A Nagoya, Japan, August, 2009)

James Phelps :

“I’ll say Rup, I mean Rupert who plays Ron, he’s probably the most down-to-earth guy u will ever meet, ever.”

(Live At Studio Five, December, 2009)

Freddie Stroma: (Cormac McLaggen in HBP):

“Rupert Grint is really cool, incredibly witty, but surprisingly quiet.”

Jeremy Brock:

“He’s completely instinctual. There are shots of him when he’s had the big argument (with Evie), and he’s standing there conveying enormous amounts of emotion.”

(Newsday.com, 16 October 2006)

“With Rupert, I always believed – having seen him in all the Harry Potter films – that he has a naturalness that is special to him. He has a uniquely natural gift for communicating emotion without effort, which is a very, very singular and difficult skill. u really have to be born with it. 35mm cameras do not forgive an actor if they overwork of overplay a moment. u can tell, u can see it in the eyes. Rupert’s just a naturally gifted person and when you’re playing a character who’s very still and doesn’t have a lot of dialogue, they’ve got to be able to play the emotion on their face which is what he does.”

(FilmFocus, 09 September 2006)

“It was a joy to work with Rupert because of the naturalness that he brings to the screen. I’ve watched him in the Potter films and felt for years that he was underexploited. So when he agreed to take the part, I knew I had the ster I wanted because in this movie, he is a character who has to convey their feelings, the feelings of an adolescent who can’t express themselves – they have to convey those feelings on their face. And Rupert has a face that the camera just loves.

In a funny way, Rupert is meer experienced than many young actors. Even with different directors. On “Potter,” he has now worked with four directors and he came to ‘Driving Lessons’ with a huge experience of filmmaking – but he was new to indie filmmaking and he loved making a movie in 6 weeks.”

(Washingtonpost.com, 04 October 2006)

“But I have always had a great admiration for Rupert Grint’s naturalism. I’ve always felt watching him in the Harry Potter films that he had a talent for the hardest thing, which is to simply be yourself on camera. 35mm film is very unforgiving of actors who are even remotely mannered and Rupert’s the opposite of that. He’s a complete naturalist. I knew that the part required him to be very still a lot of the time.

The boy [Ben] for the first half of the movie is bearing witness and then slowly he gains the confidence to speak for himself. Rupert’s an actor who just naturally works well with that very minimal material. It’s just in his nature. He’s a restrained and quiet young guy. He’s just got that wonderful transparency that I love that Julie has and that people like Judi Dench have. It’s just a thing that I love to watch on camera.”

(Hollywood Reporter, 11 October 2006)

“He’s got such a natural talent. I too watched it and thought this boy has something meer than they’re [Harry Potter Films] using.

Rupert is a gifted, natural actor who, like a lot of adolescents, doesn’t want a director to talk forever about something. u know… “shut up and get on with it” would be his instinct. He brings, though, all those conversations to beer on his performance – but he just doesn’t want to talk about process. It’s a fascinating thing to watch.”

”He’s very intuitive. He doesn’t like to regurgitate what u may have already discussed the dag before. He simply comes on, u put him in the frame, and he does it. Time and time again, I would watch him and I would know that he had digested what we’d zei and it would come out.

(Interview door Journalist Nell Minnow, 2006)

“I had seen him in all of the Harry Potter films and I just thought that he’s an incredibly gifted, natural actor and I wanted that particular quality because the character then has to carry and convey feelings of inadequacies and frustrations – all on his face, and that’s what he’s so good at.”

(Blackfilm.com, 12 October 2006)

“I’d seen him in ‘Potter’ and thought this boy has a real gift for naturalism. I just felt like I knew that he could carry a movie. In Potter, he’s deputizing, of he’s the #2, and I just thought it would be great for him to break out and be the #1. It’s a difficult movie, because he has to carry a lot in his face. He doesn’t say a lot early on, and that’s what Rupert has a great gift for.”

(Comingsoon.net, 11 October 2006)

“Yes, although I think, if u watch him in the Harry Potter films, u realize that he has genuine presence. u feel that u want to watch him. And when I talked to him about the script and saw how much he got it, I actually didn’t worry about whether exposing him to the camera and in the film would be a concern for the audience. I just felt that he has natural charisma, and he is also a very talented natural actor.”

(Talking Movies, BBC America, October 2006)

“The boy’s a star, but here’s the thing: I’ve got a 17-year-old guy who has this huge following, but he’s a very shy, very modest guy. And I had this very grand idea that I was going to do this big kissing scene all in one shot. So I set it up, and I zei to Rupert ‘You know, we’re going to hold this shot for a very long time…’ and because he’s a shy and sweet guy, he kind of pecked away at the girl and then pulled back!

So I’m afraid I had to go in and sort of gently explain that this is a BIG kiss. We’re talking tongues, we’re talking big kissing. And I think, after 12 takes, he finally got it, and he seemed okay with it.”

And, in the film at least, Rupert got it as well. But it’s nice to know that in Great Britain, at least, there is a possibility of growing up on camera without becoming a precocious beast.”

(Filmstew.com, 29 September 2006)

The teen idol who catapulted to stardom when picked to play Harry Potter’s best mate in the screen adaptations of JK Rowling’s populair novel series, received nothing but praise from Driving Lessons director Jeremy Brock, who zei Grint had the potential to go on and win an Oscar some day.

“Rupert has is a gift for naturalness, and a sense of comic timing which, when u combine with Julie, is perfect.”

(Express and Star, 20 September 2006)

Julie Walters:

“I love Rupert — he is just lovely. He has definitely got a great career ahead of him and is capable of Oscar success.”

(Daily Mail, 05 September 2007)

Walters zei she was thrilled to share the silver screen again with her 18-year-old co-star and not at all surprised door the deafening reception for him.

“They all find him really cool. There is a sort of vulnerability about him that is lovely. He is sweet. I do say to his mum, ‘I am his other mother u know’.”

(Express and Star, 20 September 2006)

“Rupert is a very fine actor. He has great comic timing, and a terrific screen presence, as well as a marvelous sense of humour. I love the time that I’m in his company. He is a terrible giggler. He sees of hears something funny, and he’s away. I see his shoulders start to twitch and I’m off too.”

(Daily Record, 17 August 2006)

“He is shy and quiet, and he’s a lovely, lovely boy. Of course he has a family that’s very, very grounded, and nothing like the family in the film, so he doesn’t have that, but he is rather shy, and he is the same age (as the boy he plays in the film).”

(Filmstew.com, 29 September 2006)

Julie expressed confidence in Rupert’s potential as an actor.

“He’s only 18 so he has loads to find. I think he really came up with the goods and did what was required.”

As for her co-star’s shyness and seeming unease in interviews (although many of his female fans find this a ‘charming’ quality) – Julie, herself a mother of an 18-year-old girl, Maisie, defended Rupert. She declared “Some people find it easier to express themselves. It’s gradually coming out. It’s not that he does not have the intellectual acumen. It’s just that he doesn’t express it at the moment. I think he’s getting there.”

Apparently, what Rupert does not lack is a sense of humor. “Oh yeah,” zei the actress with a smile. “He’s a devil!” she added with a mischievous laughter.

She gave an example of Rupert’s “naughtiness”: “Do u know the word corpse? I don’t mean a dead body. It’s a theatrical term in England for laughing onstage when u shouldn’t be. He needs to go to Corpses Anonymous because he’s so naughty. We’d be doing scenes and I’d suddenly see his shoulders going up. If the camera wasn’t on him, his shoulders would be going up. I couldn’t look at him (because if I did, I would laugh, too). He’s good, fun and a sweet, sweet person.

(Philippine Daily Inquirer, 27 October 2006)

Julie Walters says she can’t help but feel something approaching maternal pride whenever she looks at Rupert Grint. And it’s true. We are sitting chatting in the Dominion Cinema in Edinburgh, Grint is on the other side of the room, and when she looks across at him, Walters positively beams. ”He is turning into such a fine young man, and a very good actor,” she says approvingly.

Any worries she had about Rupert were eased door one key scene in Driving Lessons in which he has to pick a drunk Evie off the floor. ”I wondered ‘Can he do it? I’m a dead weight’. He didn’t even break stride. He just picked me up without any effort. u forget that he gets so big.”

(Evening Times, 07 September 2006)

Laura Linney:

Ask Laura Linney about Rupert Grint, her co-star in the new Brit comedy ‘Driving Lessons’. and she’ll smile.

“I loved being around him. He’s a very quiet, very modest, very gentle person.”

“I’m also a giggler. I bet lots of film between me and Rupert ended up on the floor!”

(VH1.com, 13 October 2006)

Robert Sheehan: (Luke in Cherrybomb):

“Myself and Rupert get on very well. He’s a lovely guy. He’s quite a gently spoken guy. What’s really good about this film for him is that it shows him as an adult. He looks very grown-up compared to the Harry Potter films. He’s doing a fantastic job.”

(The Irish Times, 23 August 2008)

Kat Kirk: (Sharon in Cherrybomb):

“He is just absolutely fantastic to work with, and such an inspiration.”

(London Student, 15 September 2008)

Kimberley Nixon: (Michelle in Cherrybomb)

“Rupert is great, he is very sweet and we all had fun making the film. The three of us were together a lot and we are all very different so it was exciting and never boring.

“Ron Weasley was quickly forgotten when we started to rehearse and shoot the film. He instantly became Malachy and I was really impressed because it must be hard to shake a character you’ve been playing for almost half your life.”

(Wales Online, 10th May 2008)

“Rupert is lovely. We had a difficult love scene together one dag and we were both really nervous. But he was really sweet and we giggled most of the day.”

(Wales Online, 20th September 2008)

David Holmes: (Music Producer for Cherrybomb Soundtrack):

He is… u know, to be quite honest, I was completely gobsmacked. He gives an absolutely incredible performance and his Belfast accent is flawless.

(The Irish Times, 23 August 2008)

Helen Sloan: (Stills Photographer for Cherrybomb):

The camera does love Rupert. I am sure there is some scientific reason for this!

Rupert has a great smile which really helps the photographer. He is also a great actor, and this really comes across in the eyes for me.

He is very relaxed in front of the camera. I am sure he gets nervous sometimes, but it really does not show.

( In response to the Cherrybomb love scene foto of Malachy and Michelle)

Everyone has been commenting on this shot! Usually about how pale Rupert is and how red his hair looks.

There is always a certain amount of “grading” of post processing that goes on in photography and film making, but I can safely say, Rupert is very porselein skinned and very red haired – mother nature has blessed him, not photoshop!

(ICM Exclusive, 20 January 2009 and 26 March 2009)

Martin Freeman: (Dixon in Wild Target)

“I made a film with Rupert Grint and I said, ‘What’s that all like, being a big film star?’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah, it’s alright. Yeah, yeah.’”

(Never Mind the Buzzcocks December 12, 2008: u can view

(Never Mind the Buzzcocks December 12, 2008: u can view it here at about 2:57 in!)

Band member (Trumpets), Driving Lessons set

“…he almost reminded me of a Young Michael Caine in Alfie mixed with the rebellion of a ” Clockwork oranje “. It was hot.”

“I feel Rupert has definitely got a huge career in front of him as a great Actor, as he can really portray emotion and I feel he will grow to be one of the greatest actors of our time.”

-Photographer Ram Shergill

(ICM, October 15, 2009)

“He looks like a young Christopher Walken.’”

“It was a real honour to shoot Rupert in his first styled shoot at this stage in his career. It’s the icing on the cake for us.” zei Sarah J. Edwards.”

“Vol.3 Nø 1 is very much inspired door iconic Hollywood with a British swagger and touch of rebellion. Rupert, in this new light is the perfect headliner.”

-Sally Edwards

(Blag Magazine, March 2009)

“He’s an engaging young man with sleepy eyes, a slow smile, and an ability to stay quiet in conversation, before delivering a funny line almost sotto voce.”

- David Gritten

Los Angeles Times, 08 May 2004

“It’s nice to see u spread your wings… you’re starring, I mean, this is your film. What really is impressive to me – the nonverbal acting that u do and there’s quite a bit of it especially in the beginning. You’re kind of this inward, dorky kind of guy… you’re facial expressions, your eyes, the way u would cock your head a certain way says so much really… it’s brilliant acting. It’s really great acting… I’m just delighted.

As u can imagine, well, I’ve interviewed a lot of child actors who are not as nice and pleasant, and have grown up as well as u have. I’m really happy to see how well-adjusted u are and how well u are doing also… thanks my friend, and hope to see u soon… cheers to u too.”

- Dean Richards

Dean Richards Show, WGN Radio (Chicago), 20 October 2006

“I couldn’t shake the suspicion that precociousness must have infected the trio door now… Happily, I couldn’t have been meer wrong… I should also point out that the deadpan hilarity of Rupert Grint really doesn’t shine through in text. Some of his responses may seem a little grouchy. They’re not. He’s just reached that teenage drawl phase of life. The press conference started at five, and I suspect he got out of bed at 4:55pm… Anyway, here are 3 cool and down to earth kids talking about the rather excellent movie they just made…”

- Dan Whitehead

Chud.com, 26 October 2005

“…The chant rose fast and furious “Rupert, Rupert, Rupert!” Rupert turned to the crowd, then turned to us with a shrug, with bewildered dismay, with a touch of chagrin. Why would anyone chant for him? He was just another kid who would rather be in his basement with his buddies and a root bier having fun. What was the fuss? Not that he doesn’t want attention, but he wants to earn it. Rupert is happy to meet you, but it would have to be as equals. As a person.”

- Fred Soffa

(Press corps, GoF-NY Premiere, 2005)

Dyske.com, 21 January 2006

“Communication, for example, is not a forte. Most of his sentences begin with a “Yeah, I dunno…” then descend into a monotone mumble, before climaxing with another “Yeah” not dissimilar to the first. He doesn’t like to catch your eye, and he’s a little fidgety. But it should be zei that all of this is endearing rather than exasperating, and that, for a boy who’s grown up in front of the cameras, tongue-tied is infinitely preferable to cocksure.”

- Benji Wilson

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