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No offense intented to anyone, and I love u J.K. Rowling and I love u to bits for giving us Barty Jr.'s character.

But I'm not too keen on finding out meer about Jo's visions on Wormtail if she even has any. She seemed to totally hate him from the beginning to the very end. To have him as a plot device and didn't seem to care about him as a character at all.

She didn't give him any dignity of spine - (I recall only one moment wherein he shows bravery and good about himself; in order to pay back his life debt to Harry from the book three, in the book four he suggests to Voldemort that perhaps they could do the ritual without Harry. But when that naturally fails, he fails to do anything else about it and for the rest of the series he just slithers around until meets his patheric death.

And yes, she even had him die in such a pathetic way. I was so disappointed at his death as it is but I had also thought that because Jo didn't portray him as actually evil, and she kept him around throughout the boeken and had him remain in life debt to Harry, that he'd do something remarkably good and "redeeming" before the end. But no.

I think she wasted the character's potential big time. Peter's character could be deeply psychological and complex but she chose to make him a cowardy, pathetic plot device through and through. Hmh. Oh well. The silver lining is that she doesn't tell too much about him and thus he's mostly left up to fanfiction. The other sad thing is; most people I know of, don't bother to use the character's potential either because his creator didn't either while he's first impression is hateable betrayer to the good guys.

It's a little pit ironic (or something) scenario because:

Barty Crouch Jr. is another obvious plot device character as Jo used him as a key character for a crucial plot point just like she'd used Wormtail.

But unlike Wormtail, she threw Barty Jr. and his entire family away in the same book and then completely forgot about them. The only reference to Barty Jr. is one unessential line in the book six. And yet, unlike for Wormtail, for Barty Jr.'s character she wrote a wonderful character development! Which unfortunately is horribly over-looked door vast majority of the readers. Most completely ignore even the fact that he was dying in Azkaban within a jaar even though he knew Voldemort was alive. And that happens to be the most crucial point to who he was back then while many other details too when added to it, form a picture of a man who was essentially different prior to the point he got out from Azkaban than he was when he entered Hogwarts in a disguise over thirteen years later.

Plot device character 1 (Peter): No complexity, no character development, but sticks around for the entire series only to die a pathetic death. WTF is up with that? In fanfiction the fans usually don't bother to use his potential any meer than the auteur herself did.

Plot device character 2 (Barty Jr.): Complex, with screaming character development written, but is thrown away in the same book wherein introduced though could've offered a lot to the series. In fanfiction the fans usually over-look the character development and fail to grasp the complexity of the character. (See my link for meer information on this claim.)

Great characters aren't getting the genuine interest they'd deserve and they didn't get to live up to their full potential in the books.

But I do realize that the auteur wrote the boeken and the characters the way she felt the best and I respect that and I love the boeken a lot and the most important thing is that the fans enjoy writing their fanfics. I just felt like expressing my opinion on couple of the characters who I wish had meer genuine interest, appreciation and attention in the fandom. I personally like to dig into characters and analyse them and find out the author's possible intents on them as well as form my own visions. (:

And I know Jo probably will never read this, I was talking to her in the beginning of this artikel for the fun of it. (:
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