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 Ginny Weasley achtergrond
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Ginny Weasley achtergrond
ginny weasley
ginny weasley achtergrond
harry potter
bonnie wright
harry potter and the deathly hallows
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This Harry Potter achtergrond contains portret, headshot, and close-up.

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•“Tired of walking in on Harry, Hermione and Ron all over the school, Professor McGonagall had gegeven them permission to use the empty Transfiguration classroom at lunchtimes.”

•“Stars winking in front of his eyes, he grabbed the top, boven of the hat to pull it off and felt something long and hard beneath it.•“‘Nice socks, Potter,’ Moody growled as he passed, his magical eye staring through Harry’s robes.”

•“‘Everyone seems quite relieved, though, considering they all knew I’d get off,’ zei Harry, smiling.”

•“Hagrid’s pumpkins swelled to the size of garden sheds.”...
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Here's a lijst of my favoriete Harry Potter books, my least favoriete being at the bottom and my favoriete being at the top. All image credit goes to burdge_bug on deviant-Art. Go check her out, her art is AMAZING!

7.Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets
 The heir of slytherin.
The heir of slytherin.

I do love this book, I really do. I had so much fun figuring out everything with Harry, but to be truthful, it was a bit boring at times. It dragged out during quidditch matches - the unnecessary fights with Draco, the drama. Moaning Myrtle was EXTREMELY annoying, hate her, and the book could've done without her. The...
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When people tell me that James “grew out of bullying”, I always respond with the canonically sound FACTS that James Potter was 21 when he died, 20 when Harry was born and *19* when Harry was conceived. He had *no time* to change out of his bullying bullshit personality towards Severus. Just take a look around u and see if u can name half a dozen of your under-21 male friends/acquaintances who u think would make such an awesome hubby and father right now (oh, and don’t discount the bullies u know who pick on people “just because they exist”). And when we keep telling u that...
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A one-shot Harry Potter fan fiction..

What was Ron thinking when he received his prefect badge? What if Molly never showed up when Hermione was 'trying' to congratulate him?

It is from Ron's POV. Set is before 5th jaar when he received his prefect badge. Some actions will be similar to what JKR wrote but some will be different.What would've been Ron's reaction if Molly never showed up? End will be different from what JKR wrote.

Is It Worth Crying?

Prefect Badge?

In his letter?

He's shocked beyond point when he came to know that Harry hadn't been made prefect; but what he was feeling now can't be...
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As I did with my artikel like this in the Once spot, Imma do state the song name and pull lyrics from each song that just really remind me Bellatrix and how zei lyric reminds me of her. For once the lijst actually is in order from what I think suits her most to least.

1. Be My Friend door One Eye'd Doll: The globaal, algemene story of the song talks of a serial killer who doesn't understand why she can't seem to make friends. The chorus goes as the following; Serial killers are people too if u take away the voices I'm just like u I'll hack u up and bury u in my yard but why does making friends...
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