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I drew these when I was bored... Uploading meer soon
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After rereading both DH and SS, I began to wonder. u may have seen the picture of Harry releasing the snake in the zoo with JKR's commentaar on the snake being Nagini. I actually have a few problems with that. I realize that some of this can be called book-movie inconsistency, but this is a Wild and Crazy theory.

First off, gender. Consistently, Nagini is called female. HOWEVER, if u listen carefully to the snake's voice in SS, it is clearly male.

Next, location. Voldemort must have made Nagini into a Horcrux fairly soon after doing the same (accidentally) with Harry. Thus, the snake in the...
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Dear Friend,

Firstly, let me say that although this is a form response, there is a very good chance I read your letter; I always look through the mail, but I receive so much these days that unfournately it is not possible to answer everything individually. Nevertheless, it means the world to me that Harry Potter fans take the time and trouble to write and share their thoughts, feelings and life experiences, their favourite characters and parts of the books, not to mention my involvement with the films, Harry has been, and continues to be, one of the most important things in my life.

If u have...
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