Harry Potter Harry Potter Tag Team Tournament,Round 1, Duel 2

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Moody & Tonks
Dolohov & Yaxley
 Narusasu4EVER posted een jaar geleden
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Perfidia picked Dolohov & Yaxley:
I can't deny that Moody is one of my favourite characters and a great auror....but aginst the two of them he would have trouble. Actually I never really counted Tonks
posted een jaar geleden.
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Leviski picked Dolohov & Yaxley:
I can't believe Moody and Tonks are winning. As much as I like Moody, he was old by the 5th book. Dolohov injured Moody badly in the Department of Mysteries skirmish. He also took on three people at the same time, broke Neville's nose, knocked out Hermione, and killed Remus Lupin; Remus being a power wizard capable of non-wand magic. Yaxley was one of the few Death Eaters who lasted until the end of the battle and I believe it took two people to bring him down. He also drew with Flitwick who was considered a dueling champion. I consider Dolohov's dueling skill to be on par with Bellatrix. In the Department of Mysteries, Bellatrix defeated Tonks.

posted een jaar geleden.