Harry Potter What would be your first reaction if an owl showed up to your house with an acceptance letter from Hogwarts?

Pick one:
I would think someone was playing a joke on me
I would pinch myself to check if I was actually dreaming
I would jump and and down with joy
I wouldn't believe them, no matter how many times they told me it was true
I would stempel, stempel, punch a baby, I'd be so happy!
Added by iluvstrongbad
I&# 39; d be ecstatic but wonder why I didn&# 39; t get one...
I'd be ecstatic but wonder why I didn't get one when I was eleven
Added by Shunned
Get a geweer-, geweer and shoot the bugger... pooped on my car!
Added by Muse_Fan86
I would think it was a prank but truely wishing that is was real and think 2up
Added by kraamermich
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 Priscilita22 posted een jaar geleden
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