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Harry/Hermione - I still love u

A little insane - Snape/Hermione


Whispers in the Dark (Draco and Hermione)

Draco/Hermione- Things I'll Never Say [Remake]

Together - Draco/Hermione/Harry

[[Draco/Hermione]] - Rebirthing

Harry/Draco brand

"Unusual you" Tom/Hermione [FULL]

Hermione/Ron Unusual u

Lost Without u - Hermione/Ron

Hermione/Ron/Lavender - My only

Ready? // Holly/Harry/Hermione

H;Hr // I αm cut

u set my soul alight - H/Hr

I gave u my hart-, hart - Harry/Luna/Hermione

Try to reveal what I could feel (HP)

u and me cause that's what it's for (HP)

Don't stop it, let it flow - Emma Watson

Half-Blood Prince | Dark Times Have Come

Draco's struggle | Half-Blood Prince

Narcissa Malfoy - The Unbreakable Vow

Why Am I So Afraid? Draco Malfoy

[DRACO&EFFY] ; protect me from what i want

Fall To Pieces - Hermione/Draco/Ginny

Breathing Space (HBP Dramione)

...But I Won't Give u Up [Harry/Hermione/Ron]

"I had to stop myself"- Hermione & Harry

Ron & Hermione II Lost and insecure ♥

Harry/Hermione/Ron-...I was made just for you, made to adore you...

So Contagious {Harry/Hermione}

"Weak mind" (Harry/Hermione)

Breathing space.

hallo there delilah (draco/hermione)

Draco and Hermione- Love Song Requiem

Draco/Hermione-I Hate That I Love u

Harry Potter (At The Beginning)

(Beginning and Middle) Harry Potter Tribute // vrienden and Alibis

Harry Potter-My Apocalypse

Harry Potter- The guillotine

Hermione & Draco - I Can't Stay Away

Harry & Hermione - It Won't Be Long

Harry & Ginny - Fallin'

Harry's Tragedy - My Last Breath (crossover)

Harry Potter - Stripped

Hermione's Obsession - Haunted

Harry, Hermione & Draco - How u Remind Me

Harry & Hermione - I Want My Innocence Back

Harry Potter || Love, Jealousy & Dreams - Say It Right

Emma Watson - Diva

Half-Blood Prince - One meer

[HERMIONE//ANNA]- I come to u in pieces

[DRACO/MICHELLE] ; to decide

Hermione//Jacob-..your eyes are always glued to me..

[Hermione/Draco/Lavender] ; u should have lied

[BELLA/HERMIONE] ; i'm only afraid of losing

[DRACO&HERMIONE] ; this lack of self control I fear is never ending

Draco&Hermione- ,,..you never care.."

[HBP] ; fear and panic in the air

[ AU] ; never existed love; Harry Potter

Hermione/Ron/Lavender - Who's That Girl

The Permanent Rain - R/hr

Half-Blood Prince // Pieces

Harry Potter/OOTP I Pieces I - voorbeeld

into dust [preview]

Harry Potter - Revolution

Emma Watson;Sugar

Time is Running Out - Draco & Hermione

Harry & Hermione

Ron and Hermione - I miss u

Breathing Space (Ron/Hermione)

Draco and Hermione - Because of u

Rupert vs. Tom

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Trailer

Harry Potter VS Twilight

Half Blood Prince behind the cameras

Room of Angels - Draco and Hermione

I die each time u look away - draco & hermione

Dramione - Undiscovered

In the Army now (DA)

Harry/Hermione/Ron - Still waiting

Japenese girl meets Rupert Grint (DH Set)

Dickhead [Ron & Hermione]

Harry&Ginny | Angel

"You're Not Alone" (Harry Potter)

Ingenue (Hermione/Fleur)

Draco Malfoy - Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

'Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince' Junket Interview - Emma Watson part 2

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - Junket Interview - Tom Felton part 2 [HQ]

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - Junket Interview - Tom Felton part 1 [HQ]

Gravity- Ron/Hermione [preview]

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - Dumbledore's Death

Harry Potter - Shattered

Daniel Radcliffe ; Gives u Hell

Draco and Hermione - Haunted

Draco(HBP) - My Skin

Teenage Superstar [[Hermione/Harry/Cho]]

Draco~ Breath

Hermione/Draco- CrushCrushCrush *Preview*

Instead Of Just Invisible [[Ginny/Harry/Hermione]]