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Shattered // HBP Tribute

Harry/Draco - Can't Stop

Harry Potter-Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking

Shattered - Harry Potter

Headlock (HD) // Ron&Hermione

Emma Watson - Slow Me Down [PREVIEW]

hermione&draco "bring us togheter, tear us apart" [HPB]

Keep Me In Your Memory [Harry Potter; Draco/Hermione]

Ron&Hermione "All about us"

R/Hr - "C'mon, get higher"

Half-Blood Prince: Power Of One

vrienden on Set!

Harry/Edward - Sex And Diamonds

Sweat Baby Sweat - Oh no not another HACK video -

silent night, broken night [half blood prince]

Harry&Ginny "Hanging door a Moment"

OotP - Attack


Half Blood Prince Promo

Draco/Hermione - Float Away

Ron/Lavender/Hermione "With of Without You"


Emma Watson || She took my soul

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince MTV Interview (Harry Potter VS. Snape)

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince MTV Interview (Emma Watson's Take On Hermione)

Six Years "Harry and Ginny" (Great video!)

HBP - Daniel Radcliffe MTV interview

HBP- Emma Watson MTV interview

Shattered (HP extended preview)

Ron&Hermione // Breathing Space

Candyman (Lollipop)

Ain't No Other Man (Harry Potter style)

Hermione's Candymen - The Harry Potter boys do their thing

What a Girl Wants (/Hermione)

Girl volgende Door [Hermione vs Fleur]

Need a Hero - Hermione/Ron version

We Belong (Ron/Hermione)

Ron/Hermione - Could It Be

I Miss u (Harry/Hermione/Ron)

Im With u - Harry/Hermione

Once Upon a December - Harry/Hermione

Harry/Hermione - One in a million

Ron/Hermione - Nothing's gonna change

Ron/Hermione - Please remember

Ron/Hermione - That's the way is it

Ron/Hermione - This is me

Harry/Hermione - The dag I fall in love

Harry/Hermione - Without u

Growing Pains Intro - Hogwarts Style!

A Tribute to those who died: "Angels on the Moon"

Hermione's Resurrection AU

Strange and Beautiful: Draco/Ginny

Harry&Ginny "Everytime we touch" (Acoustic)

All Five Half-Blood Prince Trailers

Potter Puppet Pals - Ron's Disease

This love Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny

Hermione's Resurrection *Preview*(

HBP Sneak Peek - Quidditch

Harry Potter-Buffy Style


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince HD (Trailer 3)

New HBP Trailer!

Ron and Hermione Love Story

Deathly Hallows-Mad World

Harry and Hermione-Whenever your world...(

Emma Watson || Wild horses

Harry Potter- Comfortably Numb

Harry Potter- roze Floyd Another Brick in the uithangbord pt2

Harry Potter- roze Floyd Another Brick in the uithangbord pt1

The Riot Act: The Boy Who Lived

Emma Watson || No one...but ME

Harry & Hermione - u Found Me

Harry Potter- Revolution

Harry Potter - It Ends Tonight

Harry Potter - Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Haunted door his Memory - Harry Potter

Harry Potter - Haunted

The Dark Knight - Harry Potter Style

Miss Congenialy - Harry Potter Style

Rent - Harry Potter Style

Legally Blonde 2 - Harry Potter Style

The Notebook - Harry Potter Style

The Other Boleyn Girl - Harry Potter Style

Twilight - Harry Potter Style

Juno - Harry Potter Style

Enchanted - Harry Potter Style

Mean Girls - Harry Potter Style

Trio - We Are One

Weasley is Our King

The Hogwarts Song

Ron & Hermione - The Great Escape

Ron & Hermione - Tangled Up In Me

Harry Potter Funnies!

Harry Potter and the Mysterious Ticking Noise

Funny Harry Potter fan Art

Harry Potter and the Goblet of brand in fan Art

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in fan Art

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in fan Art

Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's / Philosopher's Stone fan Art