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She - Hermione

Girl Can Rock - Hermione

I Wanna Be Like Other Girls - Hermione

Who zei - Hermione

Good Times Gonna Come - Hermione

Mistaken Identity - Hermione

Unwritten - Hermione

That Girl - Hermione

Make Some Noise - Hermione

I'm a Bomb - Hermione

Get Up - Hermione

Stand in the Rain - Hermione

One Girl Revolution - Hermione

Super Girl - Hermione

Who Wants To Live Forever? (Tribute to Deaths in Harry Potter)

Ron/Hermione - Don`t Walk Away

Harry/Hermione - Whispers In The Dark

HP&TPS - Keep Holding On

Fallen - Ron and Hermione

How Can We Be Lovers? - Ron and Hermione

Rob pours water in Emma's glass! So cute ^^!

Hermione & Chris - Avalon

Harry Potter Bones Opening

Harry Potter - And Breathe Me

Severus Snape/ Lilly - Harry's guardian angel

Over It - Harry and Hermione

Collapsed - Harry and Hermione

Crazy for This Girl - Harry and Hermione

What if - Harry and Hermione

R/Hr~Mamma Mia!

Harry Potter - We Rock!

This is Me - Luna/Hermione/Cho

I Kissed A Girl [Hermione/Luna]

**Someone like me** Luna/Hermione

Hermione/Kitty ~FemmeSlash!~

Fleur/Hermione - So Contagious [[For Mimidudettex]]

Gallery - Hermione/Draco

Harry & Hermione - I'll Be

Harry Potter Cast - toon Me the Money

Let it Rock- Emma/Rupert/Daniel

Already Over- Dumbledore/Snape

Bittersweet- Harry/Snape

So Damn Beautiful- Hermione/Luna

Ron/Hermione - I Caught Myself

stolen ; harry potter and the half-blood prince


Shattered // HBP Tribute

Harry/Draco - Can't Stop

Harry Potter-Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking

Shattered - Harry Potter

Headlock (HD) // Ron&Hermione

Emma Watson - Slow Me Down [PREVIEW]

hermione&draco "bring us togheter, tear us apart" [HPB]

Keep Me In Your Memory [Harry Potter; Draco/Hermione]

Ron&Hermione "All about us"

R/Hr - "C'mon, get higher"

Half-Blood Prince: Power Of One

vrienden on Set!

Harry/Edward - Sex And Diamonds

Sweat Baby Sweat - Oh no not another HACK video -

silent night, broken night [half blood prince]

Harry&Ginny "Hanging door a Moment"

OotP - Attack


Half Blood Prince Promo

Draco/Hermione - Float Away

Ron/Lavender/Hermione "With of Without You"


Emma Watson || She took my soul

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince MTV Interview (Harry Potter VS. Snape)

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince MTV Interview (Emma Watson's Take On Hermione)

Six Years "Harry and Ginny" (Great video!)

HBP - Daniel Radcliffe MTV interview

HBP- Emma Watson MTV interview

Shattered (HP extended preview)

Ron&Hermione // Breathing Space

Candyman (Lollipop)

Ain't No Other Man (Harry Potter style)

Hermione's Candymen - The Harry Potter boys do their thing

What a Girl Wants (/Hermione)

Girl volgende Door [Hermione vs Fleur]

Need a Hero - Hermione/Ron version

We Belong (Ron/Hermione)

Ron/Hermione - Could It Be

I Miss u (Harry/Hermione/Ron)

Im With u - Harry/Hermione

Once Upon a December - Harry/Hermione

Harry/Hermione - One in a million

Ron/Hermione - Nothing's gonna change

Ron/Hermione - Please remember

Ron/Hermione - That's the way is it

Ron/Hermione - This is me

Harry/Hermione - The dag I fall in love

Harry/Hermione - Without u

Growing Pains Intro - Hogwarts Style!

A Tribute to those who died: "Angels on the Moon"

Hermione's Resurrection AU

Strange and Beautiful: Draco/Ginny

Harry&Ginny "Everytime we touch" (Acoustic)

All Five Half-Blood Prince Trailers