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HBP interview w/ Daniel Radcliffe

E! interview w/ Daniel, Rupert, & Tom

Disturbed Hermione

Ginny and Harry Never see your face again

Draco/Hermione || Never To Know

...You Left Me (Jacob/Hermione/Harry)

J.K. Rowling reading from DH

Helena Bonham Carter/Bellatrix OotP interview

HP and the Order of the phoenix first look P1

Harry Potter stars react to Dumbledore being gay

Harry Potter and the Half-blood prince trailer #3

New Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince Trailer

All That I Am -- Harry/Ginny

Harry Potter in 60 seconden

Harry Potter - Rock Steady

Almost Unreal- Harry Potter

Hermione Granger

Half Blood Prince trailer HD

everything changes (ron/hermione)

Harry&Hermione; [Near to you] AU

Harry● Potter●(So are u watching me?)

NEW Half Blood Prince Trailer

Take a look at me now

Harry Potter - Against All Odds

A Hero Lies In u

Trailer - Ron/Hermione & Harry/Hermione

Tale as old as time (Ron/Hermione)

R/Hr Order of the Phoenix Trailer

All The Same (Ron/Hermione)

Better Days

Signal brand

Kill (Ron/Hermione)

How to Save a Life

Christmas is all around

Almost Lovers

Flowers in the window (Ron/Hermione)

You're the only one (Ron/Hermione)

how to play the harry potter theme song on piano!

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Official Trailer

Ron/Hermione - Wherever u Will Go

ღ emma&rupert - here in your arms ღ

NEW Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince International Trailer

Harry Potter - Oceano

The Potters - For Always

To Where u Are ( Possible DH Spoiler)

Harry Potter: to where u are

n The Arms of the Angel (Harry Potter)

Angel: Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny

RonHermione: u and Me


Leave The Lights Off

Ron/Hermione- I'm All Out Of Love

Ron & Hermione - I dont Wanna fight

Truly Madly Deeply-Ron and Hermione

I Saw (R/Hr)

R/Hr~~The hart-, hart Won't Lie (A muziek Video)

Harry Potter: We Are Broken

Harry and Ron - The boys are back!

•♥• Hermione Granger, In The End•♥•

Decode - Ron/Hermione

So What-R/Hr (Break Up Vid)

Now I Know, I Messed Up Bad (Harry&Hermione)

Fred&Hermione&Ron || Just For Now

"Headlock" - (Ron/Hermione)

Harry Potter and the Prisoners of Waldemart

Ron/Hermione - Even Angels Fall

Ron/Hermione - She's So Lovely

Same Mistake (Ron/Hermione/Harry)

Time after time (Ron/Hermione)

Harry/Hermione; [Sway]

Everything's nothing without you... (Harry/Hermione/Ron)

Ron/Hermione - One in a Million

Ron & Hermione - So Close

Broken (R/Hr in DH)

The Entire Yule Ball Scene

Ron and Hermione-No one

Ron and Hermione -my immortal

Your Guardian Angel/ Ron and Hermione


Right Where u Want Me - Ron/Hermione

Ron/Hermione - u & Me

Ron & Hermione - Why Can't I

R/Hr- u Can't Hurry Love

When I'm With u -- R/hr


If you're not the one [Ron/Hermione] 2.0

I Still Miss u - Ron/Hermione

Ron/Hermione-Who Knew

At the Beginning R/E R/Hr

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Ron and Hermione

Ron and Hermione, Beautiful

Ron/Hermione - Trailer

R/Hr - Who's That Girl?

R/Hr - Say Nothing

Ron/Hermione - All u Wanted

4ever - Ron/Hermione

Ron and Hermione Through The Years.

Ron & Hermione (Harry Potter)