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Harry Potter Videos

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Going Down (Draco/Hermione)

Two Princes (Harry/Hermione/Ron)

The Phoenix Lament (Dumbledore)

My December (Harry)

Rupert&Emma - cutest interview ever!!!!!!!

Emma and Rupert get slimed at the super bowl

Emma and Rupert

Immortal Memories

What Hurts the Most- Harry/Ginny

Something's Just About to Break- D/Hr

The Ghost of u (R/Hr)

Stranger Than Fiction - Harry Potter Style

Better Than Me (R/Hr - H/G)

How to save a life? - Harry/Hermione/Ron

Stranger Inside

Bury Me (Harry/Voldemort) - ("The Kill")

Everything (Harry/Ginny)


u Gotta Be - Harry Potter

Harry Potter Wannabe

It's u (Ron/Hermione)

On brand - Harry/ Hermione/ Ron driehoek

Truth- Harry Potter

Harry/Hermione/Nate (from Gossip Girl) - Are u happy now?

Harry Potter - All We Are

Clocks (Prisoner of Azkaban)

Very funny Daniel interview!


Hermione/Draco - Incomplete

H/Hr - My hart-, hart Will Go On

H/Hr - Every Little Thing


Draco/Hermione - What Have u Done

R/Hr Deathly Hallows


R/Hr - Accidently In Love

R/Hr Story

HBP Sneak Peak

Harry/Ginny - Kiss The Girl

Draco Malfoy - HBP Fake Promo

Oliver Wood & Ginny Weasley

Ginny Weasley - Innocence

HBP Interviews

Casting Lavender - David Yates & Rupert Grint

Hilarious Rupert Interview

Emma Watson - Rumors

Rupert & Emma Interview

Emma Watson Interview

Emma & Bonnie BFF

H/G - I've Just Seen A Face

H/G - Broken

Lavender/Ron/Hermione Prelude

Lavender/Ron/Hermione - Never Again

Everytime We Touch - Hr/R

Hermione & Ron - Without u

Daniel Interview

Hr/G Love

Hr/G - I Will Always Love u

Lily, Did u Know?

One Of Us - Severus Snape

I'm To Sexy - Severus Snape

Man I Feel Like A Woman - The Hogwarts Boys

H/Hr/R - That's How u Know

Angel - Harry & Hermione

Harry & Hermione

Apologize - Harry/Hermione/Ron

Official Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Trailer

Harry Potter behind the scenes (romance)

Behind the scenes of Harry potter and the goblet of brand

Harry Potter unscripted interview

Harry potter interview ministry of mayhem!

Exclusive interview with Harry Potter's Rupert Grint.

Harry Potter OOTP

Karaoke Dance Party - Multi fandom

i've just seen a face (ron/hermione)

the mixed tape (harry/ginny)

Away from the Sun (Severus Snape)

Times Like These (Dumbledore's Army)

Before It's Too Late (The Trio)

The Grey Lady & The Bloody Baron

The Prince's Tale - Never Coming home pagina

Standing on the Edge of u - Ron and Hermione

In My Hands - Harry Potter

Harry Potter and Voldemort - Disarm

Blow Me Away (Harry Potter)

veilig in my hart-, hart

Everlong - Harry Potter

Muggle-Born Magic - Hermione Granger

Ode to Ron

Ginny - She's Like the Wind

Voldemort - The End Has Come

Boys of Summer - Harry Potter

Snape - So Far Away

Magenta Feelings - Ron and Hermione

We'll Be Singing When We're Winning

Harry Potter - Hello door Evanescence

Hogwarts Antics - Ballroom Blitz

Harry Potter Trio POA Interview

harry potter 4 dub - exclusive interview!

Harry Potter OOTP DVD Launch Interview