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The Trio-Best of Both Worlds

You'll Always Find Your Way Back home pagina - HP Style

The Gift of a Friend (Harry Potter Trio)

Harry and Ginny-Can I Have this Dance.

Harry Potter Trio - True vrienden

Harry Potter trio, I'll stand door u

DH~ Ron and Hermione's reaction at Harry's death

Harry Potter Tribute - Thanks For The Memories - Fallout Boy

I'll be there for u - Harry Potter Tribute

Harry Potter ǁ Somewhere a Clock is Ticking

Ginny (Ginevra) Weasley (Bonnie Wright) What About Now

*Harry Potter* Bloopers door Twihastardex ( u Make Me Smile)

We are the Harry Potter generation (Tribute)

Somewhere Only We Know: [HP Tribute]

EA Games Reporter: Tom Felton Interview

HP - Good Life

R/Hr - Make This Go On Forever

...never better... (harry+hermione)

If Everyone Cared: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

to your grave i spoke |Severus Snape|

*Spoiler* Voldemort hugging Draco {Extended Verison}

ITV's 50 Greatest Harry Potter Moments Part 4-1

ITV's 50 Greatest Harry Potter Moments Part 11-5

ITV's 50 Greatest Harry Potter Moments Part 17-12

ITV's 50 Greatest Harry Potter Moments Part 24-18

ITV's 50 Greatest Harry Potter Moments Part 33-25

ITV's 50 Greatest Harry Potter Moments Part 37-34

ITV's 50 Greatest Harry Potter Moments 44-38

Magic parody: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

ITV's 50 Greatest Harry Potter Moments Part 48-45

It All Ends muziek feat. FREDDIEW tribute to Harry Potter ORIGINAL song door Jimmy Wong

Tom Felton Talks Highest Grossing Movie "Harry Potter" & Talks Jersey Shore, Lopez Tonight

Severus Snape & Lily Evans - Iris

Goodbye My Lover; Severus&Lily

If Only Tears Could Bring u Back - Fred Weasley

Hogwarts Season 7

THE GOLDEN TRIO-you will be in my hart-, hart

The Sorting Hat (RiddleTM)

Harry Potter- Open at The Close

Harry Potter [Secrets] OneRepublic

I am a Dragon and I Don't Care-Hungarian Horntails,Yule Ball

Trio: Beginnings and Endings

Burning Down The House || Harry Potter

Crash-This Will Be Our Last Time [ Deathly Hallows part II ]

Ron & Hermione - Broken

All These Things That I've Done | The Trio

Daniel Radcliffe - Happier after jaar of sobriety [NBC 7-14-2011]

Interview with 'Harry Potter' Stars as Kids

Tom Felton // praises Helena Bonham Carter

Tom Felton // Crush on Helena Bonham Carter

Harry Potter Tribute - All Grown Up

Harry Potter Tribute to 10 Years

Harry Potter Tribute To The Fallen (Books 1-7)

Harry Potter cast - Everybody loves me

u make me smile ; harry potter cast

Harry Potter Cast || Time of my life ||

u found me - Ron/Hermione [Years 1-7]

What If - Ron & Hermione

Two Worlds Collide - Ron & Hermione

The 7 Things I Hate About Ron Weasley

Hermione/Ron || Grenade

Harry and Ginny ~ Just a Dream

Harry and Ginny-It's The Way u Make Me Feel

Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny Airplanes

Harry/Ginny_Kiss Me-Half Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows.wmv

Ginny/Harry/Cho - Harry Belongs With Ginny :)

Harry & ginny The way I loved u

Hogwarts Never Ends

Fix u - Coldplay

Ron and Hermione - The Scientist

Ron & Hermione - The Scientist

At the Beginning with Harry, Ron, & Hermione (Includes Kiss Scene!)


7 Harry Potter films In 7 minuten

Live Like We're Dying - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter Trio//Great Escape

Harry Potter Tribute: This is War

Harry Potter | Best Ten Years Of Our Lives

Harry Potter || The Funeral

Harry Potter | The Chosen One

"Always" - The Silver Doe

ron & hermione | tectonic tremblings

Ron + Hermione || Delicate

Harry Potter Meets Metal

Tom Felton talks about an awkward moment with Emma Watson =)

Where We Belong...|| [H]arry [P]otter Series

Harry Potter: Crash & Burn [[PREVIEW]]

Harry Potter tribute

Harry & Hermione - Window to the past

Harry Potter ϟ ~ ''Surrender is stronger...''

Boogie Man

lego harry potter

dance dumble door dance!!

snape and hermione

Harry Potter Secrets- On set with Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe On The Caroline Rhea toon

Interview with Evanna Lynch - Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter films - at Leakycon

Team StarKid's Lauren Lopez - Pigfarts at LeakyCon2011

Darren Criss sings Ginny (Jaime) at LeakyCon2011

Darren Criss and cast from A Very Potter Musical meet fans at Leakycon 2011